Friday, June 27, 2014

A look back and bittersweet goodbyes

Well... I think I've procrastinated long enough. I have not been wanting to write this blog post, but we've been trying to cram in as many playdates and fun outings as physically possible around here. (Like today... I should have been packing, but a last minute Catch Air playdate and Chick-fil-a luncheon with sweet hugs from friends was necessary this morning.)

Here are some of the fun we have been up to.
Pool party at my friend Allison's

Catch Air playdates... twice in two weeks. The boy loves the 11:00 hour because he gets to dance with a random character each time. (See facial expression below)

He was the first to greet Mini :)

 Hugging on Woody today... W wasn't too excited, but Burke seemed proud of himself :)

These two have grown up together!

 As did B and Gracelyn...

 and these cute kiddos, Jackson and Blakely

 and we made friends with Alessio and his fabulous momma recently too!

We are moving tomorrow. It took so long to get here, and now it's upon us. There are still lots to be packed, and I really have no business taking the time to write, but thoughts of my friends and the memories that have been made in Atlanta creep in all the time. Best to get it off my chest, right?

We moved here in 2008. Newly married couple in the big city. We were so excited to start a life together in a new place, with new jobs, and make our own mark.

We lived at Phipps Apartments in Buckhead... in our little bubble, as I called it. We could walk everywhere. The grocery store, Target, two fabulous malls, movie theatre... heck, Ryan only had to walk a half mile to his desk. Those days were surely fun. I helped open a school as a 5th grade teacher, and boy was it challenging... but so rewarding. The friends I made while I was there, are still my closest friends here... and if they have babies, you can guarantee they are best buds too. :) We been to weddings, started families, and gone through losses and tough times together. You don't forget those people, or forget those times you see Jesus reach through them... to you. I know my friends prayed for me during difficult times, and I did the same for them. That means more than anything in the world to have a circle of friends that stand with you through the most difficult of times.

My last "girls night"... however I have threatened to drive back for these once a month dinners and sleep on someone's couch. 

Baby Shower for Burke

We then bought our first house in 2011. To say it needed a lot of work was an understatement. 

If you have been reading since the beginning, it's why I started this blog. To document the crazy stories, painful work weekends, and hilarious DIY attempts that I foresaw in the future. What I didn't realize was that it would not only serve that purpose, but also be where I would soon document our child's birth and life in this world and my family and friends growing families too. Looking back on the past posts brings joy to my heart and sadly, the realization that we are going to be leaving great friendships. 

We moved right outside the perimeter in Smyrna last September, after making the decision that we indeed wanted to move "home"... and that is Alabama. Living where we are now (for one more night) is even more polar opposite of what we envisioned... but we knew it would be temporary (6 months turning into 10...), because in selling the house, we made the leap of faith to move back to Alabama, closer to family, and the things we love (Auburn football, small town living, .... more grass, the smell of chickens :) Like always, God is providing a means for me to continue to stay at home (Ryan's parents are graciously not selling Gege's house so that we may live there and renovate it, and sell it once we decide when and where to build our dream home.) We are beyond grateful; not only for that gift but for their love and support in everything we do. Ryan also accepted a job at Architecture Works in Birmingham. Check them out... he is so excited to work in another small firm working on projects similar to what he has done at Houser Walker. 

While I am so excited to see where God leads us in a new place, I can't help but be sad to leave friends that made Atlanta seem "small town." The hustle and bustle of this crazy trafficy city often seems worth it, when you get to hang out with friends like mine. I will love and miss all of you! 

I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy ~Phippians 1:3-4

I will be back soon with updates on our beach trip, Ryan's b-day, Father's Day, and the house once we get settled in at our new place! 

Bye Atlanta, Hello Sylacauga! 

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