Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sleeping in is amazing.

We moved our last load to GeGe's house on Saturday. My mom and dad came with their truck and trailer.... and a car seat in tow.

After my dad and Ryan packed two trucks and their trailers (no rentals here... who in AL doesn't have access to multiple trailers, trucks, and tractors?) we all loaded up and drove to Sylacauga where we made a pit stop at the farm to add a lot of junk from our shed to the "burn pile," check the deer cameras, view the work that has been done around the farm house, and take in all that nature had to offer (mule rides, turkey sightings, numerous mosquitoes, ants, one lizard, multiple spiders, and one snake.)

 I will say... I have been a bit "citified"... I caught myself wanting to stay inside the truck (It could have been because I walked out of the house with only flip flops on my feet! WHAT was I thinking? I know... I wasn't.) However, after an hour or so, the country in me caught right back up.

Then we headed to GeGe's house to unload the rest of the goods. (When I say we, I mean Dad and Ryan :) Mom, Burke, and I headed to grab us some lunch. Soon afterwards, mom and dad put the car seat they brought with them to use. The three of them headed to Cullman, leaving Ryan and I Burkeless until tomorrow. What a weird feeling it is!
This is the first time we have been so far apart for more than a day, and boy do I already miss him. Ryan and I catch ourselves mimicking him and laughing hysterically at the mannerisms and sounds of him that we have etched in our minds.


I slept in until 7:30am this morning.

Without getting up once. Not even to pee. It was glorious!

A little grandparent time was good for him so that we could rejuvenate, finish house related details, and pack, pack, pack... and embarrassingly a lot of the day was spent watching an 80 ft. tree being taken down by a man and his chainsaw...Seriously... it's something you would pay money to see people... but it was in our neighbors yard, so we stared in awe as this man climbed an 80ft (or taller) pine tree with just a harness holding him to the tree and cutting off chunk by chunk and watching it plummet to the ground... while we ate lunch and clapped for him... an hour later we got back to work...packing, Ryan doing the last of the odd jobs around the house, and then we went out to dinner.

Can't wait to pick this little man up tomorrow!

My favorite part is the giddy laugh and where he tells himself "there ain't any way he's letting a drop of chocolate escape." :)

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