Thursday, August 29, 2013

The final count down...

Well, the count down till the big moving day is in 10 days. Closing is in 14 days.

I'm ready. I'm going a little nuts with boxes half filled, or stacked up around our little home. Not only is it unsightly, but tends to take up more square feet... which is not a good thing since we are limited in that area anyway.

So here are the things we're gonna miss about this little home...

1) It was our first! There's nothing like your first BIG investment as a couple!
2) We flipped it! We saw the process through... and man, was it a process! I'm glad I didn't know what was coming, or I might have not been game for this renovation. :)
3) Memories. From taking out the tub,

to watching the two BIG headers go up (I'm hopeful our buyers do not find this blog before closing day!),

to having no heat our first winter in the house and using ole Hank (the fire hazard below) and two small electric heaters to take the edge off,

to making new friends,

to bringing home Burke to his perfect and meticulously painted nursery....


4) It's location. We walk everywhere... to the park, to the grocery store, restaurants, shops... the beautiful duck pond. I'm going to really miss the convenience of our little bubble.

5) Little boy. This cat has even made it to my husband's Miss List (and he doesn't like cats, so that's saying a lot!) I'm dropping off a letter at his owners house this afternoon (I'm praying he wants to get rid of him so I don't have to kidnap him :) Just kidding...  but this sweet thing is sooo good with Burke. He has never once scratched or hissed... and I promise... if Burke accidentally steps on him or accidentally  hits him, he purrs. It's crazy.

And here are things we are excited about leaving...

1) The idea that the house may indeed collapse. :) j/k... but I did witness the headers be put in... just sayin'.

2) The business. We live on Lindbergh. Thank goodness we are up on a hill above it, but still... you can hear the traffic (we would rather hear crickets and frogs).

3) The lack of family near by.

4) The lack of old friends near by.

5) Georgia... our home is in Alabama... we can't help it. There is something about crossing the GA/AL state line that feels good...
I'm pretty sure this has something to do with going back to more of a small town living... living in the city has been so much fun, but we definitely want Burke to experience running barefoot in the grass catching lightening bugs... without the boundaries of our concrete jungle, having spend the night parties with his cousins and grandparents... and not having to drive four hours to do it.

But tonight we are going to enjoy one of the perks of living here... a good ole Braves game. Thank you  "Uncle Brent" for babysitting! :)

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