Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Rainy day and product find!

For the past couple of nights this little man has woke up SCREAMING at exactly 5:30am. I mean crocodile tears. Can he have bad dreams already? Is shark week getting to him?
 Of course I DON'T do the right thing, and take him to our bed for a little more sleep. But this morning, he would have none of that! "eat," "outside," and "iPad" is what he insisted on... instead of SLEEP. :)

So our day began with a nature walk at 6:00am, breakfast at 7:00am, and at the sighting of "Little Boy," the cat that has become a regular visitor at our house, the rain came. :( We watched Little Boy bolt as it starting pouring, and we had to resort to hide and seek, tower building, and playing destroying everything in sight. That's when I decided we had to get out of the house.

But where?

I wanted Burke to get to play with other babies, instead of boring ole mom. Our music class starts next week, and tomorrow we are going to a "concert" for toddlers at the Buckhead library... not sure how that is going to go, but we'll give anything a chance around here. I quickly remembered Gymboree, and play and music class I had heard other moms talk about. I quickly looked it up and sure enough they had a class at 9:30! The best news? Your first class is free, to see if you like it! I quickly signed us up, and we bolted... much like Little Boy, to have some fun outside of the house!

He was clingy at first. But as soon as the music started and he saw other babies playing, he jumped right in. The video below is when the class had ended and I was trying to get him OUT of the gym.

I would really like to sign him up, but it's $66 a month, which includes two classes a week, and unlimited open gym times. Not sure if I can see forking out this much... especially since I have already signed us up for The Music Class (more on that later!). 

After the 45 min. class, we weren't ready to go home. So where else can you go while it's raining for free that will entertain a toddler. Look nowhere else but the local pet store. :)

When we arrived, a volunteer was cleaning out the crates, and they were in tents... which allowed us to watch the kitties play!

Or...contemplating on how to help them escape. 

They let us hold them! He kept giving them hugs, but then would push them away.... which is why we then resorted to letting the older kids hold kitty, while we practiced our petting skills. :)

And he liked looking at the snake,

and kissing the fish. :)

So now he's napping, and hopefully dreaming about kitty instead of sharks. 

And on a side note, I have been looking for a product to replace those baby food/apple sauce/etc. pouches for awhile. They are GREAT. Burke can feed himself a healthy snack, without making a mess. The problem... they tend to get expensive, and I know I'm not doing the Earth any favors by using them. Problem solved!

My biggest concern when I was seeking out a reusable squeeze pouch was the ability to clean it well. I couldn't envision how to effectively do it until I saw this one. The top just unscrews, and I can literally fit the bottle brush inside it! It is also top rack dishwasher safe!
Bonus: You can put this baby in the freezer too!

Verdict so far... he loves it. I am not a smoothie pro yet, but my first recipe attempt went down pretty good, although I think I can do better. You can put ANYTHING in it... they even have recipes on their website! My only advice is to make sure you get the right one that fits your child... they have two types of valves, we got the free flowing, because Burke can regulate how much he takes in at a time.

(I am not being paid for promotion of this product... however, if you are Sili, and are reading... we could totally test out any of you other products for free if you want. :)

Happy Hump Day!
 Love, your favorite one year old. 

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