Friday, August 2, 2013

Lame new goals

So, we are finalizing things on the house, but our signing date is currently set for Sept. 12th, and we have to be completely out by Sept. 15th! They wanted a 60 day period instead of the traditional 30... which is perfectly fine with us! I personally love living in a finished house... except all this apartment hunting Burke and I recently did got me a tad excited about the idea of a freshly renovated apartment... that is almost as big as our house, plush carpet for this baby to roll around on,
(He basically throws himself on carpet when he gets around it... all we have is hardwoods here, and a not so soft rug in the living room)

amenities galore (free tennis lessons, free boot camp classes, awesome pool), 24/7 maintenance... you know... even if a light bulb goes out kind of maintenance. No "honey-do" list for Ryan... mind you he's not fulfilling a list of mine... that would be the buyers list :) When we got back the inspection, there were a lot of things (of course) the inspector found that "needed to be fixed." Ryan went through the list that our buyers highlighted and told them what he would do. All in all it will only cost us a little over $100 to do it ourselves. He worked on this all last Sunday, and will be finishing this weekend. (I'm sure he will be thankful for that 24/7 maintenance... at least for a few months until we start on a new house. lol)

So, since Ryan is busy with fulfilling the buyer's list, I have set a few goals of my own this August.

1) (This one not so lame.)
Keep enjoying summer with this cute kid.

Number one... I'm trying my best not to let the moving and packing get in the way of summer fun that is still to be had!

Now on to the lame...

2) Pack
Since we are packing and sending things to two different locations, it's kind of tricky. But currently I'm packing up anything that goes to Gege's house in Sylacauga, AL now... and I need to be working a bit quicker if we plan on getting out in a month. :) But when you are only allowed to complete this task during nap time and after baby boy goes to bed, it gets a bit hard... oh, and Pinterest sometimes gets in the way too.

3) Use it all!

In the offer that the buyers placed they wanted my fridge! :( Do they know how near and dear to me this fridge is. I love it. My sweet Coleman family and I sat hours in front of Sears on Black Friday to get this fridge. It holds memories... and a great price. All I have to say is that they better be ready to camp out again this year. :)
So, yes,  my goal is to use what I have in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer before we move out! So Burke, if you have tator tots with a side of baked beans, don't hate me. :)

4) Make some DIY toddler projects I have pinned for Burke! (this may have to wait until we move into our apartment)
Like this!

Our magnet family

figure out how I want to organize his toys once we get to GeGe's, where he'll have a playroom!

5) Do some Christmas shopping.
That's right... new nephew due, Stacy's getting married, Christmas, multiple family birthday's, and possibly another move for us ALL during the month of December. I'm pretty sure I have no choice but to shop early this year!

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