Thursday, July 25, 2013

I had so much to say...

but now I am just ready to go to bed. But here's a recap of the last couple of days.

As of Sunday at 1:00pm we went under contract! Yes, fast I know! The housing market is apparently booming over here, which just adds to the reason why we are selling! Oh, and if you have a minute, take a look at the video Ryan, our realtor at Keller Williams, had a crew put together of our home. However, they shot it on Monday... after it was already under contract, but hey... it's cool. :)

Since our house was posted last Wednesday, we have had at least two viewings a day. Glad that only had to last for a short while! It's harder than it seems to keep a house clean with this precious face running around.

Speaking of his face.

He fell last night in the tub.... and chipped one of his front teeth! He was playing in the shower curtain and fell. :( He was crying solo hard, and I was checking over his whole body trying to figure out what he hit, but nothing was bleeding or bruising.... so I just assumed he hit his head really hard! Until the next morning when I was changing his diaper... he smiles...BIG. And I see it.

Look closely... top right (your right) front tooth.... chip.

I'm thinking it needs to be filed or something... it's pretty sharp and looks a bit funny. Thank goodness it's only a baby tooth. I'm not sure if it's because of his under bite or just his sweet smile, but you rarely see his top teeth when he gives you a big ole grin. God bless him... I'm already dreading the process of fixing his under bite, because the Lord knows how painful and LONG that process seemed to me in elementary school. I guess I can at least pick the brain of the pediatric dentist on that subject when he or she goes in to fix Chipper over here.

Back to the house.

So, we had an offer put in on Saturday. It was a GREAT offer! We counter offered. Then they counter offered!... and we were ready to sign! However, we had to other showings on Sunday. So we decided to push the signing until 1:30 that Sunday afternoon, just to see if the others were interested.

The first showing was at 9:00, so we left a note telling the realtor that we had an offer ready to sign by that afternoon, unless something else came in. We went off to church, and returned to find this:

We were pumped, called our realtor, who said that he had already heard from the potential buyer and they were writing it up right then!

Super intense stuff.... and so exciting! We left the same note for the second showing at 11:00, and went to Whole Foods for lunch. Which, I always forget runs you an arm and a leg. Our total, for just Ryan and I (Burke ate off our plates), was $28.27. Half of my plate was salad, and the rest was mediocre, while Ryan gets the bone-in chicken leg from the hot-bar (Ryan doesn't share the cheap trait, which is one of the reasons I love him) BUT remind me never to do that again... I'm too cheap. Plus, I'm thinking I paid for them to compost my plate and recycle my fork or something. (p.s. I'm pretty sure I saw my husband just chunk it all in the bin labeled "trash" out of confusion.)

Anyway, so we headed back home, with no note, no offer. About that time Ryan, our realtor's name as well, called us back with almost the exact same offer from the 2nd potential buyer except they wanted a few extra things (a.k.a. costs for us). So obviously, we went with the first! We e-signed at 12:30 to make it official!

So now we are in this due-diligence stage. (15 days where the buyer can get out with no penalty) Meanwhile, the inspection, appraisal, and negotiating will be done. Super nerve racking time period for sure, but we are blessed to be at this stage! Since the inspection happened today, and we had to be out of the house for at least 3.5 hours, Burke and I went apartment hunting.

And when I say hunting... we saw 10 places today. We left at 8:30 and returned at 1:30. Burke was beyond great, and I may have envied him today when got to sleep in the car.

Now I'm off to bed. The three of us are going to my old classroom at 6:30am to clean out all my things before school starts next week. Who am I kidding, he will be watching Thomas and trying to contain his dance moves.

But as you could possibly guess, he only likes the song... and the intro. theme song is really short, so you have to fast forward it to 27:07 during a recorded episode... it's the LONG version (which is stuck on repeat in my head 24/7) and it will buy you approximately two minutes of time. Oh the things I am learning as a mom. :)

Wish us luck in the moving department tomorrow morning!

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