Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So after a BIG weekend makeover, our house is ready for the housing market!

We can't thank Ryan's family enough for bringing the plants and shrubbery, and ... to quote my neighbor... "the hardest work ethic I've ever seen."  :)

You can't tell in the picture above, but the ivy that runs down our driveway was cut back... and it's as if we have another lane open for traffic over here. You can also see the added plants in front of the house, and slightly see the monkey grass lining the house/driveway.

Sparky clean kitchen (my favorite part of the house)

Living Room

View from the patio doors

Master bedroom

Attached bath

Bedroom 2 (How am I going to part with these perfectly straight stripes???)

2nd bath! Yes... it's finished! Ryan completed it in TWO days.... complete with 33 trips to Home Depot. He doesn't like lists. :)

Finished deck... actually the painters have to come back out because parts are peeling! I think it was all the rain we got while they were trying to complete the job.

What? Didn't know that existed? Well, neither did I! This spot was the place all our debris was laid to rest until it was time to go to the dump on Saturday. We decided against finishing out the patterned rock work, and instead used some of the shrubbery that was left to make a nice little green space. If we were going to be here longer, we would have totally taken it all out and used it for a raised garden area. It would be perfect.

Looky there... this makes me happy... and thankful that we have really hard working family with a green thumb! 

Weed-eated (that can't be a word... but you know what I mean) "backyard," with some pine straw to help out in the bare areas.

Our "concrete jungle" will be up on Zillow, MLS... etc. tomorrow! But for now, the lockbox on the front door and the FOR SALE sign at the bottom of our driveway make it oh, so real.

So now... you can find me sitting on our deck sipping sweet tea during Burke's nap time while  enjoying the manicured exterior, watering plants, or trying to keep our house freakishly clean (insert Burke's evil laughter)... while Ryan plays the newest football Playstation game (he's actually 10 in a 30 year old's body), utilizing our 2nd bathroom, or studying for an A.R.E. :) ... this is all until our house goes under contract... and then I'm sure I will be franticly packing, changing mailing addresses (I slightly hate doing the later), and OH!... a biggy... finding a place to live for a short time so we can eventually move closer to our families. 

Praying that God leads our way!

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