Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So the Chinese got it going on...

I have the MOST exciting news... I have a new job!
I am going to be a stay at home momma! 

 Although I'm going to miss my school friends and teaching some sweet sweet students, I have longed for this opportunity since he was born. I often felt I was short changing my students just because I wasn't able to put my whole heart into being their teacher, like I had in past years. I know many people do it... and do it extremely well... but it bothered me.... like, a lot. What's even more important for me to remember is that I was SUPPOSED to be a working mom last year. There were things that our family needed with my income, students that needed me in their life, and things God needed to teach ME! It's funny... I do not regret working full time last year. I sorta find that weird. However, I desired so badly to spend the next year at home. I'm thankful God is saying yes to my prayer.

Burke says a new word, finds a new fascination, and does something new Every. Single. Day. I LOVE being able to witness these time first hand, and I am beyond blessed to get this opportunity. I'm so thankful for Ryan's ability to provide for us and his eye for a potential on a house when he sees one. Because the good Lord knows I couldn't envision how we were going to transform this once two bed,/one bath house, with peeling siding, and a tiny... rotten... bathroom into what it is today. We will be putting it on the market in approximately one week!

So, on to many fun filled days! I'm sure some will be amazing and some will be amazing and exhausting, but I am just so thankful for the blessing God has given us, when he gave us Burke. He's nothing short of spectacular, and I'm so happy I get more time to teach, laugh, learn, guide, read, direct, cuddle, sing, and so many other verbs.... full time!

1 Thessalonians 5:16-19 Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 

And to address the title...

1) I promise this was my fortune a couple of months ago. 
It was teacher appreciation week, and our admin. provided us a Chinese buffet at lunch.

You better believe I read into this. :) And what's even more humorous....

I promise I'm not making it up, but you probably won't believe it.

Burke tweeted the picture of my fortune (above!)

I had just picked him up from Ms. Beverly, and I had run out of snacks (a big no-no). So I gave him my phone to preoccupy him. When I looked back (completely stopped at a traffic light mind you), Burke had opened Twitter and the picture was added! I left him with it.... just to see if he would actually tweet it. Sure enough, when I got home, I checked... and it was posted along with a long strand of "jmdkjcidhkwosnld"!

I kid you not.

I quickly deleted it, because I didn't want anyone thinking that I had plans to resign from school, or do something else drastic because of a fortune I received at lunch. :)

2) The Chinese birth calendar was right on with Burke's gender.

3) And this was my most recent fortune...

Note to self: October 10th should be promising.

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