Sunday, May 19, 2013

I can see the finish line!

 I can smell summer... I can see early morning runs before it gets too hot outside- with a pit stop at the playground of course, play dates with friends, visits to see family, quality time enjoying Burke in all his toddlerhood glory, and hearing the birds waking me... who am I kidding, Burke will have that job!

The last day of school, for my students, is this Thursday! I can't believe we survived this year. And by we, I mean me, Ryan, Burke, and my 27 students.

 I remember staring this school year, wondering how I was going to make it to this point. I know I didn't do it alone. God was with me every second I longed to be with Burke, I had a break down, or questioned why I was working instead of being with my son. I had encouraging words sent through friends, family, and God's Word constantly. I had hugs, jokes cracked, thank you letters addressed to me, and smiles from my students. I had an understanding and supportive team that overlooked (or at least acted like it :) my distant mindedness.

It took ALL of these things, and more, in order to make it to this finish line. So, I am so proud. I am proud of myself, proud of my husband, and proud of Burke. We did it! I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Philippians 4:13

So, I made a list of "the little things"I found got me through this working mom thing:

1) Apply lipstick AFTER you drop baby off at school/ leave for work in the morning. This leaves no limit to the amount of kisses you drown your child in and no pink residue on that delicious baby skin.

2) Occasionally buy your child's care giver a goody or two. Why you ask? Well... I like to think it makes the person who is caring for my child a little happier!

3) Prayer. I pray every time I leave Burke for a day at work. Mostly I pray for Burke to have a good day, which doesn't always happen, but hey- he's one! And often I pray for myself to feel comforted in times of anxiety of leaving him.

4) Laying his clothes out prior to the next morning. I let Burke "help" me do this as part of our night time routine... maybe one day he'll do this ritual on his own! (Who am I kidding... he's his father's child :))

5) Leaving "work" at work... or do it after baby goes to sleep. :)
There are times when school is more busy than normal... beginning of a new school year, at the end, and the times when you let the work pile up and before you know it you have a mound of papers to grade and report cards are to be sent out in a week... true life. However, I spend 8 hours or more away from this sweet face (pictured below), and can not stomach the thought of losing one second more! Using my students as my personal graders, and using any down time to get ahead of dead lines, put up bulletin boards, make copies, plan for the next week, or do any of the million other things that come with being a teacher.

 On a side note... see that other cutie pie in the pic? That's Burke's friend Woody. He came over for awhile on Saturday for some rainy day fun!

Burke- "Mom, you are sooo embarrassing. Please put the camera away."
Woody- "It's okay, B... my mom has a camera on me all the time too- I'm totally used to it"

6) My cell phone stuck to my hip. While I am somewhat annoyed with the fact of always being "connected," it makes me feel better knowing I'm one phone call away from Burke ... or the need to fill my eyes and ears to my favorite home video filled with infectious belly laughter from a certain one year old. *Note- you may want to stick to pictures only for the first few weeks back at work... videos will only make the separation anxiety worse and possibly lead to a tear-filled breakdown.

7) Always have a snack in the car. While, you may take an animal cracker from the bag occasionally... this snack is not for you...make sure to have enough to get the ravenous toddler through your ride home.

8) Make sure to make time for your husband and the much needed "me time." Ryan and I just went on a date... thanks to my friend Lisa who watched Burke! This is not a regular thing for us, however, we should make it one! It revives us, and adds something to look forward to together. My alone time usually comes when Burke goes to bed... I do this blogging thing, read, or wander mindlessly on social media. It's my "me time."

9) Take lots of pictures. This time is fleeting... I sense it every day! I'm so thankful I have tons of pictures to look back on whenever I get the urge.

Mother's Day 2013
Love the coordinating shirts, right?! Gift from Ryan's mom!

10) Love the place you are in... no matter what. Even though my whole heart has not been at work, I know God put me in this "working mom" place for a reason. Whether it be for a certain student, a co-worker, our family, or even to mold me... it was strategically planned. I am thankful for my job, my students, and my family. God is in control... just enjoy the journey.

**oh... and 11) NEVER underestimate the power of your straightening iron. It ofter serves as a quick iron for the wrinkles the dryer couldn't get out. :)

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