Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sleep and a Sippy Cup


We started Burke at Ms. Beverly's on Monday. Would you believe that new faces, a new place, and no Mrs. T., apparently didn't throw him for a loop... it was new expectations.

Ms. Beverly means business- no bottle and put yourself to sleep. I set low standards apparently. ;)

I have come to realize (actually, I have been aware for awhile now.... just choosing to disregard it), that by trying to hang onto every second with B, I have kept him in the baby stage. Yes, my child was (and I now say WAS proudly) on a bottle (a warmed bottle mind you) and Ryan or I held him until he dozes off at night (like I said... trying to stretch out every minute!). My good friend Misty, who I call about all my baby problems, laughed hysterically at me and said something like "You have created a monster." (I love her, really.)

So, I have learned he is supposed to be cooking his own dinner and making his bed by now. :)

All kidding aside, this change in Burke's caregiver has been a good wake up call. He SHOULD be off his bottle. He is now eating table food like a champ at dinner (I haven't seen him at lunch since this change), which now makes milk more of a supplement. And as for sleep, we once had a fabulous routine down before Christmas. Ever since the two ER visits, and other respiratory issues, it's was all turned upside down... and we just never got back into it. In fact, instead of me putting Burke to sleep, he preferred "dada" to chill with him on the couch, take his bottle, and doze into LaLa land... only to be put into his crib and sleep like a champ. Well, apparently he didn't even need us, because on night one (Monday) of the put yourself to sleep (I prefer that name over CIO- Cry it Out... b/c fact is, we are WEAK, and can't take the "real" cry for longer than a couple of minutes...) he cried for 5 min., Ryan patted his belly, he rolled over, and slept until Ryan woke him up at 7:00am! Night two, he cried for 10 min., Ryan did the same thing, and BOOM- o.u.t. for the count. Hopefully we continue on this track! (FINGERS CROSSED)

As for cold milk... from a sippy cup. THAT battle we are not winning... yet. I've been told they get used to it... (those people also didn't give a warm bottle to their 13 month old though, did they?) I'm trying to increase other dairy products to make up for this gap that he was previously getting with milk, until he takes to the fact that warm bottle is a thing of the past.

He still feels like a baby to me... not a toddler. However, I guess you have to treat them like a toddler in order for him to become one, right?

Eh, well... I have learned from my mistakes. Burke, the second baby (Lord willing) will thank you for that.

If you have any recommendations, tips, or just want to write LOL in the comment section- feel free.

Oh, and I'm trying to get educational with my child- only because now I feel like a bad parent because I read too many super mom blogs. Just kidding... this pinterest idea sounded fun and easy pesy. :)

So we did BLUE day... can you guess what color is next? War Eagle.

A little finger painting (actually more eating) with yogurt... dyed blue by those Frosting Creations in the baking aisle!

Examining all things blue

"Mom... you're crazy to think I'm actually going to remember this, but it sure was fun becoming a smurf!"



  1. G wasn't a fan of the milk at all (he liked it from a bottle but not from a cup). Still wont drink the stuff so we feed him a lot of cheese and yogurt!! Dont stress. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel. Good to know Burke will not wither away. :)