Sunday, April 28, 2013

Calling All Lovies

Burke's last day at daycare was on Friday. No, school's not out...  (but the end IS in sight! Four more weeks people!), he's going to begin staying with a sweet lady that my friend Lindsey recommended starting on Monday. Her baby has been with Ms. Beverly since she started back at work, and she has nothing but great things to say about her. I had been looking to find someone else to keep Burke for a while now, just because Burke was always staying so sick. I'm not sure that changing where he stays outside of our home will do any good, but it's worth a try!

When talking to Mrs. Beverly about how his first day would go, she mentioned bringing a "comfort item." Well, the only problem is, I'm afraid Mrs. T. (the main teacher in Burke's room at school), IS Burke's comfort item. I could truly tell that Ms. T. loved our little boy. Her tears on Friday made me question myself on whether I was doing the right thing or not. Is Burke going to be upset like that come Monday? As the weather gets better, his being sick has too. Is it just a part of babyhood that he has been constantly battling respiratory problems, or is it truly the setting that was making him sick? Sigh....

Which made me start daydreaming....

Me: Ms. T?
Ms. T: Yes?
Me: Do you think we could borrow you... ehhh... say for four weeks?
Ms. T.: Sure! What time should I be over at Ms. Beverly's?


Reality is, he will only be one of three other babies at Ms. Beverly's. It will be a more personal setting, at a more trusted source, and ... it's only four weeks until summer. *PLUS*- she's going to guide me through this "dropping the bottle" phase. When I told her Burke was still on the bottle, she scolded me. :) You talk about a comfort item.... that bottle!

So all weekend I have been scouring for something that Burke is "attached" to. I have pushed stuffed animals in his face, followed him around with his toy trucks, and attempted to get him to "love" on the million lovies he was given (and once liked) as a baby. Nothing.

Then, this afternoon, it clicked!

Whenever I change his diaper he always points and reaches for the shelf above him. He always remembers that is where this little angel doll sits right above him. Granna had gotten it for him before he was born, when we thought he was going to be REALLY premature. It says  the well know prayer if you push is tummy, "Now you lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guide me safely through the night, and wake me with the morning light. Amen."
And this afternoon.... he feel asleep with it cuddled beside him!

He LOVES things that sing, talk, or dance at the touch of his finger. In fact, he looks for the button on all his stuffed animals, to get them to "perform." And if it doesn't have one, he completely disregards it. I am almost positive that he does this just so he can dance...

Oh, and he dances to the prayer the angel says too... I'm sure God likes a good dance with a prayer every now and then. :)

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