Saturday, April 20, 2013

Favorite things... as of April 20, 2013

5. Rolling Toomer's Corner

We went to Auburn today, for A-day. It was the last rolling of the Toomer Oaks. :(
I'm so glad I have the memories of rolling these trees with my Auburn family, and I'm just positive that once Burke is old enough to "throw-a-roll," there will be something in their place that will be just as special. 

4. Tostitos Cantina

Seriously. Have you tried these? I had to steal a picture from google, because I have already ate the bag that is was at my house.

3. Wunderlist

It's been one of my favorite apps for awhile now. It's for us weird people who like to make a list for everything we do. (It even marks through the item once you mark it complete! ... With a sound and everything! :) No, but really, it's more convenient than having a million piece of paper floating around with a mixture of things to do/ things to buy/ things I should have done yesterday... You get the point. It's nice to have my grocery or Target list on hand all the time, because I add to it right when I realize we are out or in need of something. Unlike my past life, when I would scrounge the house for that crumbled piece of scrape paper that held my to-do list along with the list of ingredients that needed to be picked up for that nights dinner.
PLUS- You can SHARE lists! I love this because Ryan can add things he needs to the grocery list without me asking "Is there anything you need from the grocery store?"

2.  Sparkling Green Earrings.  By: Melanie Shankle

I can not thank my good friend, Lindsey, enough for introducing me to this book and her blog, (For example, if you read this blog post, might pee your pants from laughing.) This book will make you laugh out loud, while needing to have a box of tissue ready all at the same time. The author, Melanie Shankle, speaks with the southern idioms that bring her words to life, and she relates to anyone who has ever had a child. I love her and haven't even met her, and I'm sure we would be BFF. 

1. Saving my favorite for last...

After bath time giggles.
One of the best sounds in the world. <3

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