Sunday, April 14, 2013

House Happenings

We haven't really been "working" on the house. Just trying to keep up! You know... with work (both the ones we get paid for and the more important one we start when we get home), and the regular upkeep of a house in general!

Recently, Ryan has started the next phase of remodeling to our house: the front porch. I really wish I had taken a good before picture, but I didn't. But look what I found!

Meet dumb and dumber. :) 

No, actually I would name us- unsuspecting and fatigued. I (Unsuspecting), thinking that my sweet husband was actually John Henry incarnated, and the whole house would look like it was on Rodeo Drive in no time. My husband (a.k.a. Fatigued) thinking he was in fact- John Henry. But upon realizing he was the only one in this gold mine of a house, with a lick of sense when it comes to remodeling, he would indeed... tucker out.
 *If you're not an elementary teacher that was forced to go to a music training class recently, click here for the story of John Henry* :)

There was a lot of rotten wood on the porch (were you surprised?), 

and the cement steps and porch itself are quite unsightly. 

So Ryan came up with the idea to make the porch match the front deck. Which would solve both problems! At first I was slow to agree with this inventive thought, but as he started building it, I realized he is the professional here, because it looks amazing. He is now "wrapping" the columns. Once he's somewhat finished with the whole thing, I'll post a picture, but meanwhile, here's one to hold you over.

The post  closest in the picture is "wrapped." The rain came, and so the others are pending.

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