Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

What a wonderful holiday. Probably on the top of my list.

There is nothing like the feeling you get when going to church on Easter Sunday. It's simply an overwhelming love combined with an unexplainable gratitude for your Savior. I know I'm not worthy of ANY of the blessings given to me here on this Earth, and I'm REALLY not worthy of the gift of eternal life with My God. Thankfully there is GRACE! And I am so thankful... Lord knows I need it.

Burke and I made the trek to Cullman Friday evening, while Ryan headed to the farm to plant his birthday tree.. and roll in some poison ivy! (Story and pics to come soon). Somewhere around the Gardendale exit (about 40 min. from home). Gardendale First Baptist has built the HUGE cross in direct view of the interstate (picture above). It looks like you are driving right up to it from a distance. It's beautiful. You can't help but reflect on Calvary and talk to God as you drive by on I65. I'm sure that's exactly what they were trying to do for their passersby. It happens every time, and seeing it when heading home on Easter weekend puts the events of what our Savior went through and ROSE from at the forefront of your mind. Thank you for that GFB.

On Saturday, Ree, Danielle, Cade, and Burke headed to Bethlehem West Church to participate in their annual Easter egg hunting and festivities. I arrived soon after teaching a baton lesson just in time to witness the egg hunting go down. Surprisingly, Burke did not win the contest for finding the most eggs.

I think he I picked up one, and some sweet child pitched in two because Burke's sad egg hunting skills were noticeable. 

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with family and friends at the Coleman and Bartlett household and eating... A LOT.

The traditional family photo on Easter Sunday.

Compare it to last year...

I think we are getting better with age. :) Especially you, Burke.

Burke and sweet cousin Cade

THE boys.

... I interrupt this post with blurry iPhone photos (sorry). 

Paw Paw and B

Granna and B

Cousin Amy ... all the way from Michigan! (and B)

Digging into his Easter basket and enjoying the idea of having a chocolate bunny in the future. :)

What a wonderful Easter.
We are all blessed beyond measure!

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