Tuesday, May 28, 2013

walking and a fear of water... not to be confused with walking on water

This boy took his first steps on Saturday! Ten, to be exact!

( Burke among his favorite place in the house... "the plastics" as I like to call them.)

Let's recap, shall we?

We were at the lake for Memorial Day weekend, and PaPa (Ryan's dad) told me Burke had walked to him! Yes, I was a bit saddened that I missed this monumental occasion, but I would like to think the second time was more special. :)

We all went over to NaNa's for a traditional BIG breakfast (I may or may not have gained 5 lbs over the three day weekend). Anyway, we were chatting about the amount of fish the men caught at 5:00 that morning... and other vacation type conversations, when Ree (Ryan's mom) put Burke down on his feet, and that 14 month old walked 10 steps right across the kitchen floor into his PaPa's open arms! 

It was so sweet! I love that we all saw it at the same time.... because wouldn't you know that he hasn't made an attempt to walk since?! Little sinker.  Instead, he would rather be pushed around waving a sword resembling a light saber... which is perfectly okay since he loves it this much...

In other news, we have a new problem on our hands... a slight fear of water. This is not very good news considering we start swim lessons in T-minus 7 days. 

I can't wait to be the cause of the domino effect of hysteria at the local church indoor pool facilities. 

However, you will notice here that he has no problem sleeping while on a pontoon ride around Lake Martin. 

But, this is the look I get if we got to close to the pool.... I would have taken a more accurate picture of the whole dramatic scene, but I was choking to death at the hands of a baby who somehow gained the strength of 10 men. 

The good news is that today we made progress. The appropriate term would probably be water therapy because it took at good 30-45 min. for him to actually be content sitting in this foreign liquid. 

We are going to visit a few various bodies of water before next Tuesday. Otherwise, we will be doing this at swim lessons while looking on at the overachievers.

Poolside snacks, milk, and a Diet Coke may end up being lifesavers...for mom and baby.


  1. You should find a mother child swim class. I did that with my boys and it was a lot of fun. They didn't actually learn to swim until they were older though ... that's another story I'll have to share later.

  2. That's exactly what we signed up for this summer! I'm super excited... hope Burke is too. :) You will have to tell me how your boys learned to swim... I am curious to hear these stories now!