Monday, February 18, 2013

Counting down

I really can't believe we are approaching Burke's first birthday! Time has flown by... but at the same time, it feels like he's always been here. Everybody says it, but I'll be the 1,678,390,218th person... "I can't imagine life without him." There is definitely a 1st birthday post in the making, and one to share his 1st birthday celebration with everyone... until then, here is the latest happenings in the Coleman household.

Walking!... No, not really, but this is a start! :) Until this past weekend, he could care less about moving anywhere on his feet. Then all of a sudden, one night he wanted down, and held onto my fingers to walk stumble from the kitchen to the living room. We were elated... because we were starting to wonder if he knew he even had feet.

By the end of the weekend, we were fully entertained with his attempts at getting somewhere on his feet! You can also see other things we get a kick out of in this video... the squishy face... hilarious. Any time he is not happy with you, bet on seeing it. :) Also, the head shaking... sometimes he falls over from doing this move.

Oh, and Happy late Valentine's Day! 

Since I'm Burke's leading lady, we celebrated with his favorite finger foods (cheese and grapes) at dinner. :) He did receive Valentine's from both sets of grandparents, and got to spend the day with Ree because Daddy had to get his broken nose set... yeah, on Valentine's Day. Thankfully, Billy and Shireen were able to come over to take Ryan to the doctor... I have limited sick days left at work, and I doubt I could get a substitute to take a 5th grade class with a 10 ft. pole on a holiday. Surprisingly, my 5th graders were AWESOME. Maybe it's because we scheduled a Social Studies test and a mock writing test (1.5 hour of silence). Muahhhaaa... 
However, we had our fun V-day festivities too ... complete with our geometric Valentine box project,  conversation math activities, and Valentine exchanging. As a teacher, you always feel extra loved on this day. Maybe it's because you bring home 15 lbs. of chocolate, a dozen roses (Ryan, 11 yr old Alfredo is trying to show you up), two balloons, and the sweetest homemade heart shaped cards in the world....

And as a mom... well... 

nothing compares to this love.

* onesie from The African Llama via Etsy. 

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