Monday, February 11, 2013

2013... stop being so mean!

I had a bad feeling about you all along. I mean, how often do you come across a year with 13 in it... well, I guess every hundred years, so I will not be living through another one of you... thank goodness!

Technically, life good, but you see... when you have two ER visits, 4 pediatrician visits, 1 family virus explosion, two rounds of pink eye, sinus infections, bronchitis, croup, 2 colds, and one broken nose (yes, that is the most recent... thanks to the architecture/engineering basketball league Ryan plays in), and a soon to be fixing of that nose on Thursday... yes, my friends, on Valentine's Day... I believe I have the right to call you out 2013. You are MEAN.

That doesn't even account for the non-physical set backs. Come to find out we are in need of a new roof. Thank you 2013, but I wanted a paint job with that tax refund. grrr..... But no, leaky, and virtually unpatchable roof calls for a whole replacement. No fun at all. I can't even SEE that part of the house. 
Also, what about the giant limb you decided to break and hold over Lindbergh. Not positive, but we are pretty sure we are responsible for that to be removed in the case that it falls and causes an accident or worse, an injury. Sigh.... 

If I was you, I would get your act together. We have done nothing but celebrate your arrival (actually I fell asleep at 10:00pm on your Eve... maybe that's why you are out for us!).

Now, I hope you get it together, and show us a little respect. You have a lot of time to earn your keep... 10 more months. I hope I will not be disappointed. I know you can not disappoint this face:

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