Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's rock

Where would the world be without mother's?

I'm pretty sure lots of things would be all wrong with the world. Socks wouldn't match, world hunger would have tripled, and everyone would be wearing dirty clothes.

I know Ryan and I have the best mother's out there... and this past week is a prime example. I had to return this week to work just for 2 weeks until school is out for the summer. (Crazy I know!) And guess who came to our rescue?

(Note to self: really need to get pictures of them with Burke!)

They drove all the way from Cullman this week (and next) to keep little guy while put in 8 hrs each day at school. Even though it tore my heart out to leave Burke each morning, I felt so good knowing that he couldn't have anyone else taking care of him that loved him more. 
This mother's day I couldn't be more thankful for my mom and Shireen. I only hope to be as good as a mom as you are to Ryan and me!
Love you both soooo much!

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