Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Favorite things- Baby edition (0-3mths)

We survived the newborn phase! Actually... survived is the wrong word. I didn't wish one moment away that was spent with this sweet boy! He is such a good baby. I don't know what we did to deserve him!

The purpose of this post is to share some of my go-to baby products. Every baby is unique, but I think there are some that stand out above the rest. Here are my top ten must haves when it comes to my baby's first 3 mths of life. :) Feel free to share some of your tried and true products... especially if it has anything to do with mths 3-6! :)

1) Pampers Diapers.
They aren't bulky, yet keep all the lovely messes in the right place.

which leads me to ...

2) Huggies wipes.
Thick and durable. Buy them. Many other brands are nice and soft, but to thin.

3) Milkies- The Milk Saver.
If you are breast feeding, and not an over supplier like me, you will love me for telling you about this product. Go to the website.
Check out the video- (it's hilarious!) It was the best $25.00 I spent. I am saving almost an ounce every time feed Burke because of this brilliant invention!

4) Medela pump.

Another breast feeding necessity. Fast, efficient, and worth every penny. We bought the tote version... unless you were really paying attention, you would never know there was a breast pump and all the fixins' inside!  We were going to rent one from the hospital, but it is around $70.00 a month... which doesn't make sense if you plan on nursing for 4 mths or more and having more kids. We also considered finding a friend to buy the motor from, and just purchasing all the parts that are personal to you... but the nurses at the hospital advised against it because of bacteria that can transfer from one machine to the next. However, I know many moms who have done this without a problem.

5) Baby Bjorn.
Sorry about the picture... taken one handed inside my closet...

You can't go bulk grocery shopping without one... believe me, I tried. I never thought about not being able to push both a stroller and a cart at the same time. :) Plus, he's super cute hanging there like a limp noodle, while you ponder on your ice cream purchase.

6) Boppy.

This pillow is one of Burke's favorite places to hang out. It props him up just enough, and also comes in handy for me when I'm nursing.

7) gowns.

Many of these were gifted to us, and they are my favorite thing for Burke to sleep in. It makes for easy diaper changing in the wee hours of the night (pun intended :D), since there are no snaps to mess with. Make sure to get the ones with the little hand coverings... those little nails grow faster than you think!

8) Waterproof crib sheet cover.

Think- NO stripping of sheets in the middle of the night! Make sure to buy TWO so when once gets dirty, you can throw on another in a snap!

9)PUJ tub

I love this tub for a number of reasons. One, it's moldable to a number of sinks. Two, it's comfortable for baby... see picture. :) Three, it's easy clean up... just unfold it and hang it up on your fridge... fridge you say? Yes! It has magnets on the back! Or, if you don't want it hanging from the side of your refrigerator, you can hang or store flat.

10) Nursing Cami's
They are well worth the $$. And if you buy them at Target, they're no more than $20.00 a piece! I have four in black, white, grey, and purple. I pretty much live in these when I'm at home with little man.

Well, that's my top ten in no particular order! And seriously... if you have a child older than 3 months of age, and you visit this page without posting something helpful for me to know about the upcoming months... i will hunt you down for advise. :)

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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