Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So... It's a Boy!

It all started at 2:40 this afternoon. I picked Ryan up at the Marta station in Sandy Springs right after school, and we headed to the doctor's office. I was a nervous mess... Ryan acted calm... but I'm pretty sure both of us were trying to contain ourselves and our cheesy grins.

The nurse was super sweet that did the ultra sound. She talked us through everything she saw,  because Lord knows I can't see a thing when it comes to those dang ultra sound pictures! She got to the point pretty quick...

It's a boy!

I felt it was all along... don't know why... mother's instinct? :)

He currently weighs 11oz., heartbeat was 145 bpm, and the nurse has already commented on his long legs... we were bound to pass that gene along. :)
 I have to go back to the doctor next week for a repeat of today because the baby was really low and they couldn't get all the pictures they wanted b/c his head was hidden behind my right hip bone. Also, my due date was moved to March 8th, so good for us! We need as much time as we can get to work on this house!

We love him already!

Thanks be to GOD! :)

And if you want to check out our pregnancy journal click HERE or on the tab at the top right of this blog that says Pregnancy Journal!

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  1. SO EXCITING!!!!! That baby is going to looooooove his Mama!