Monday, July 25, 2011

Anniversary Adventure Year Three!

We have a thing for traveling. We venture out about once a year to a place that neither of us have been before... and we always make this time during our anniversary. (I think the engagement in Venice, Italy kicked this tradition in gear.)

Us on a gondola ride in Venice... right before he popped the question!

For our honeymoon, we went to Cozumel, Mexico.
( Unfortunately those were deleted from my camera card, so no pic for you :( But all is good... I have hard copies!)

1st anniversary was New York.
Anniversary #2 was Long Bow, Arkansas

Year Three was Jamaica! Our last big vacation before we are parents!
~Here is a short recap of our latest adventure~

We stayed at the Riu Resort in Montego Bay. You kind of can see the pool in the background. It was surrounded by Palm trees, had a swim up bar, and was oh so big. Mmmm... good.

On Monday, we went ziplining!
We rode this crazy vehicle up to the start of the course, and came down this way...

It was awesome. Highly recommend it to anyone who isn't afraid of heights. :)

 We also got to drink fresh coconut water, and eat some local fare... pineapple and sugar cane.

The resorts nightly entertainment was AWESOME. The first night we watched a Micheal Jackson show... and if I didn't know MJ had died, I would have sworn I watched him live. He was that good.
OH... and speaking of the shows... SOMEONE had to go onstage! :) Can you spot him? Let's just say, he had to "do a little dance."
That might have been the highlight of the trip.

And besides eating all day long,  

we basically hung out at the pool and the beach all day (minus the couple of hours of "morning sickness"... and why in the world do they call it morning sickness when it comes at all times in the day? I demand a name change!)

Ah... it's it beautiful?
Happy 3 year anniversary to us!

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