Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Table revamp!

Even with all the excitement around here about baby C, I have been working on a project that has been staring me in the face every time I enter our house.

I bought this at Tuesday Morning about a month ago for a mere $80.00! I was ecstatic. It was originally around $400.00.

I knew I didn't like the red tint of the wood... so I made big plans for this piece. I found a few inspirational photos, and went to town.
Perfectly Imperfect Blog: (You really should check out Shaunna's blog... she is awesome)

First, I took off the hardware and disassembled the drawers. Then sanded the table top down to the original wood, only because I wanted to stain it, and then only lightly sanded the rest of the table, drawers, and doors.

Then, I wiped everything down with a damp cloth and begin to paint... and paint... and paint.  Two coats Kiliz primer and two coats of Behar Polar Bear White in Semi-gloss(what I had on hand).
This is how I left it Monday to dry overnight.

Today, I choose a stain that was mentioned in Shaunna's blog (Minwax stain, in Ebony) and only did one coat. As it is drying I distressed the drawers, doors, and the piece itself. Last, I put on 3 coats (letting it dry completely between applications) of Minwax Satin, wipe-on poly.

I LOVE it! It looks rustic, old, and just perfect. What do you think?

It's recommended that you let it sit with NOTHING on it for about 5 days as to make sure everything is set and not a bit tacky. While I am impatiently waiting I think I'm going to decide what goes on the wall above it... picture collage anyone?

(man, I want baseboards!) tear....
Here's are few photos that are inspiring me.
I love frame collages!
Collages make me smile.

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  1. Hold C? Did I miss something? table looks AWESOME!! I have a few pieces I want to do but need to get the courage! :)

  2. Yep! Scroll down one post. We got it on video!