Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I'm LOVING

Do you ever wonder what your friend's favorite lipstick is, or more along the house blogging (which is what this thing is supposed to be mostly about anywhat) what their favorite paint color or cleaning technique? I do. Because most of the time I think they would be my favorite things too! I mean... Oprah's favorite things don't go out of stock for no reason! Wouldn't you want to know your favorite celebritys' jeans (not that I could afford them if I did know), your best friends secret recipe, the trick to getting stains out of a rug without ruining it (if you know, please share in the comment section below :), or the best moisturizer you can buy at a CVS kind of price?

Well, I am going to try to help in this area...this will mean I will need your help too! Every Friday I am going to try to post a favorite thing or two... and the reason WHY it's my favorite. It may be a favorite pair of earrings (like I have found below... and sweet husband is going to buy me for my birthday!) or a favorite new paint color... there are no boundaries! So if you have something that's your favorite,  please share with me and my 9 followers!


Let's start with my new FAVORITE EARRINGS at Funky Vintage Lovely.
Image of Blooming Studs - Mini Ruffled Roses in Light Aqua Image of Blooming Studs - Darling Dahlias in Buttercream
mini ruffled rose earrings in   &         darling dahlias in
          light aqua                                 butter cream

To be honest, it's probably my friend, Lindsey's favorite pair of earrings. She has them in an antique white color, and I think I stare at her ear lobes an awkwardly long time. She has a great blog, if you ever want to check it out!

Unfortunately, I can't find the mini ruffled rose earrings in the off white color on this blog, but these pretty light aqua blooming studs will do just fine!...oh, and these mums too...and did I mention they are only $8.00 a pair?!

Image of Blooming Studs - Mums in Turquoise   Image of Blooming Studs - Mustard Mum Post Earrings * BACK IN STOCK
 I can't decide which color I like best out of these two. Surprise me Ryan!

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