Sunday, May 29, 2011

TIm and Shanda's Couple Shower (in pictures)

2011-05-28 15.48.56.jpg
Beautiful day for the beautiful couple!
2011-05-28 18.22.28.jpg

(My favorite pic of the day)
2011-05-28 18.23.29.jpg
Aren't the ants cute???
2011-05-28 15.53.34.jpg

2011-05-28 17.13.02.jpg
"Is this sweet or unsweet?" That is the question.
2011-05-28 17.09.08.jpg

2011-05-28 15.49.40.jpg
We get to keep this little love bug next weekend!
2011-05-28 17.14.25.jpg

Happy Memorial Day!

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