Thursday, October 5, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Thank you all who messaged, sent cards, texts, etc. after my grandma's passing. She was OH SO loved, and is a treasure we will miss daily. Honestly, it's hard to come back to the blog after that... and get back into the swing of things. I think of things daily I would love to find the time to share or document, but insta and facebook had to do for awhile. :) Forget playing catch up... I'm just going to share some of my FAVORITES from these past (non documented) weeks for FRIDAY FAVORITES! *Linking up with Andrea, Erica, and Narci!

First up... baby Claire arrived and is absolutely precious and our new FAVORITE!

The pic below sums up HM's feelings about the new addition. :)

Burke made a book for Claire while we were waiting for her arrival. 
Y'all... the title was "Baby Claire is Safe"... it was a story about Baby Clare's birthday, and a tornado
tearing everything away except a Christmas tree... and Baby Claire. She made it through the storm... and oh... how looking back on that story... how much of it was true.

They found Claire had some scary heart complications. They did a procedure and she stayed in the NICU at Children's for a bit, but is home and doing great now!

We are dying to get our hands on her again soon! 

Another favorite... our Tigers!
Auburn has been a top priority around here... What a joy it's been to work with these girls!

And as a result of all the AU runs... more sleep has never been so needed. :)

Burke's favorite these past weeks, has been the fact that he lost his bottom two teeth! Only 2 days after his portraits! (Yeah... close call ya'll.)

We were wrestling in the floor and he literally hit the edge of the pillow, and seemingly spit at me! lol 
Me- "Did you just spit at me???"
B- "No, I think my tooth just came out!" 

Sure enough we found a hole in his mouth and the tooth in the floor. :)

Kissing up^^^

A favorite time last week was had when we went to Disney on Ice with Burke's K class!
Sister was in heaven. #obviously

 Burke may have been more interested in using his 15$ plastic binoculars. :)

And on of my favorite things that happened this week, includes a sweet shout out from Burke's teacher.

 So proud of this sweet boy.

Now... onto our Friday Favorite this morning... Coffee and Friends Friday morning tradition!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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