Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Camps for Pre-Schoolers

First off... I never thought I would EVER mention a summer camp until my kids were much older, but after much thought and a lot of interest in different areas of my kids... I am so glad we choose to do them!

I thought I was being SOOOOO clever by scheduling them during the same week... however, as a newbie to running around kids to their prospective activities, I learned from my mistake and will be making sure to avoid the same time if at all possible next year! (and yes... camps went so well we plan on a repeat of this year!)

First up... BURKE~

Burke attended art camp 9-11:30 with my sweet friend, Vaughan Spanjer, who is an AMAZING artist. (Follow her on instagram ASAP!) Burke already knew "Mrs. Vaughan," and is friends with her precious kiddos (who were in the camp too!!!) and looked forward to everyday he attended. Not once did he ask to stay home! He created some pretty cool stuff, and already asked when he can go back. (And put in a special note that he would only go back if Mrs. Vaughan was his teacher. :)

^^^ His favorite creation

He wasn't the only boy... but it sure does look like it by these pictures! Ha!

On Friday we were feeling a little more artsy than normal (a.k.a. it was so hot outside we couldn't stay outside long) so he drew a "sword" and created it using the materials I had on hand. Pretty close resemblence!


My heart may have melted seeing this sight!

We drove to Cullman Sunday afternoon for Magan's church shower, and spent the night so mom could see this first hand too! 

God is so gracious to have given me this beautiful little girl. 

Her camp was at the Birmingham Ballet Academy...I know... pretty far to drive for a 2 year old camp, but no one around offered one for her age, and I loved the fact that it was only 2 days (ours was Mon./Wed. 9-10:45), a PRINCESS CAMP (eek!), and of course the thought of her taking her first steps in a studio that produces AMAZING ballerinas is never a bad thing! 
Nutcracker anyone?!

(There will be way more pictures of sister's camp experience.... only because I stayed the whole time because she is two. :)
 If it wasn't for Vaughan, I would have nothing of Burke! #awesomefriends)

On Monday, she walked right in and looked to be ready to party....
However, about 30 seconds in when she realized I wasn't coming too... she melted. The sweet teacher tried so hard to cheer her up, but she wasn't having it. SO... we sat outside the room watching from the parent window. 

Another little girl was having a hard time too, so she, Hylan Marie, and us three adults did the dance steps and such on the outside to try to warm them into the idea.

About 30 minutes later they had craft time and Hylan Marie had long forgot about me. :)

And this... THIS was the highlight of the day... make that, the year.

I pretty much watched this video on repeat all day, laughing histerically. They were playing "dress up" ... and I think the combination of the dress in addition to her complete abandonment gave way for the best (and cutest) fall ever.

I was so proud of her! She was definitely the youngest (cut off was 2.5 years and potty trained), and honestly probably wasn't quite ready. With that said, I would do it again in a heart beat. The age of 2.5 is priceless... and I wouldn't want anyones eyes to miss that cuteness!

Day 2 (on Wednesday) went even better. 


She refrained for about 15 minutes, and then jumped in for the rest of class, and had another great day! 

Especially when Belle made an appearance!

Ree was with us on Day 2 as well! 

On our way home we stopped to see Pap Pap!

He is in a rehab center, and loved getting a ballerina to visit him. Hylan Maire was not shy about showing her dance moves to any little old man or woman who asked her to perform. :)

Pap Pap should be coming home sometime this week!

She also is asking to go back to ballet.... hopefully it will work out for her to take a class this fall. We shall see!

 Thursday, after dropping Burke off... we got a much needed pedicure and prepped for the weekend. (Which I will recap soon!) Fun and busy summer indeed!

I am so happy we did "camps" this summer! 
We are totally doing them again next year!

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