Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Some of Summer recapped

So here we are ... the week after July 4th. How did we get here? Summer is flying by! And truth be told... it is whipping us. (Just ask my daughter, who is currently sleeping in the same clothes that she "watched" fireworks in ( way too late last night) and has proof of a good time in the form half a tootsie roll pop stuck in her hair from the windy boat ride home... the worst part? I think I will just leave her hair in a top knot and wait to address it at bath time tonight. #signsofsummer

Maybe I will jump back on the normal scheduled blogging posts... (most likely not) but there is always good to have goals, right?

On Flag Day we were waving our festive flags. Literally.

We went to a library program and met up with friends!

Petting the magician's bunny gets you pretty pumped up.

And Burkeman officially wrote his entire name in order to get his library card. (It's just been "Burke" for a long while now... time to move up.)

We've played silly games at church...

and at home.

And sent our fair share of snaps to daddy while he's away at work. :)
(I kind of love this picture... he looks a bit like sweet baby Burke here!)

Big bro teamed up with his favorite sidekick and was taken to see Cars 3! He had the time of his life, and still talks about the blue Minion slushy that Mrs. Candance bought him. :)

They took their own selfie. hahahaha

Sweet friends!

For Father's Day we made daddy some stellar necklaces. :)

Love their laughs!

Celebrated the dads with Giovani's! Yum!

And sister obviously had a pasta hangover. 

We traveled BACK to the beach...

only to get in a couple of hours of beach time because of Tropical Storm CINDY! 
At least I got a good science lesson out of the trip.

and we had good family friends to hang with!

We obviously had a lot of indoor time... because ...this.

I was so proud of myself! All that doll hair practice back in elementary school paid off!
I only hope I can do it again!

We played laser tag (SO FUN!) and spent 20$ at the arcade to waste some tropical storm Cindy time. 

The rest of the time, we stuffed our faces... Lambert's Anyone?!

Ryan and Tim stayed back and played in the state tennis tournament. They finished 2nd! 

More recaps to come of summer!

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