Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flying through summer

So, I had a LONG post completely written and our computer froze! :( 

So this will be a shortened version... seeing as how I spent WAYYY too long on Amazon Prime after the kids went to bed buying all kinds of stuff we "need." 

So, on to more of summer...since I can't seem to get in a blogging schedule or keep up with life on a daily basis....

After our beach trip with tropical storm Cindy, we crashed. (I was in the middle... I think they slept better than I did.) 

Tell me your kids sleep with you when you are single parenting. I can't let them sleep in another room if Ryan is away!

I unpacked, did our laundry, and repacked for our long weekend away in Cullman. Ryan was in Mobile winning in the tennis department!

On our way through Birmingham, we hit up our favorite restaurant of choice, and a dance wear store! Where sister got her first ballet attire for Princess Camp next week! The tutu is not permitted, but she fell in love with it, so it had to come home with us. :)

More to come on this cuteness x 10 soon! Eek!

Saturday, I taught a baton clinic with instructors from my old studio. It was so great catching up!

I am so thankful for this girl right here! Stacy, was my coach, and is currently UAB's majorette instructor. We are so blessed to be doing what we love at our favorite universities! 

Meanwhile... the kids stayed with mom and dad!
We found time at the end of each day to do our favorite activity... hay bale jumping. :)

It's what summer is made of!

Sunday, we celebrated Magan and baby girl Bartlett! Sister was supposed to come with me, but she had a consistent cough going on, so we left her with my dad. So while I was sipping pink punch and eating salted nuts, dad was trying to console a sick little one. (SO SORRY DAD!)

It was such a precious time and was gorgeous! 
Magan is so great, and will be the most amazing mom! HM can't wait to "feed da baby and hode da baby!"
I have to agree... I can't wait either!

Monday, we left around noon for Sylacauga. As you can tell, sister was not feeling the best... and was upset because her brother told her the hippos would eat her fingers. 

That same night, we headed to VBS. (Sister and I didn't stay of course!)
Burke had the most wonderful time, and we were able to join in on the fun the next nights since she was on the mend. 

So thankful for our church family!

Lake Days and July 4th up next! 

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