Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites... already?

This week went by so quickly!

Linking up with Andrea, Erica, and Narci today for 

First up...

My FAVORITE thing lately has been my new face routine.
(This Miracle Set would make a great Christmas present!!!)

I'm pretty sure I haven't had anything but an Aveeno face regimen since college... and after the very first night of using the Miracle Set (pictured above) I wondered why I waited so long to seek out a better one! My face felt so clean and moisturized and just so so good!

I'm hooked, and I know that I will stick with this set for a long while!
If you are in need of a consultant for these great products (and some free samples) contact Laura (my super sweet friend and neighbor) and you can see more products and order them @

or my friend, Vaughan (contact info. below.)

Speaking of Vaughan...

Y'all, this girl is so talented! 

(Photo credit- VPS Art & Design)

I am STILL in love with the sweet lambs she painted for Hylan and Burke's room. 


She is also teaming up with Dixie Design Collective this holiday season to bring one of a kind Christmas Cards to you too!

Follow Dixie Design on Instagram and Facebook and go check out their website (especially Vaughan's work)! 

Everything is beautiful... and this one is my FAVORITE!

(Photo credit- Dixie Designs)

NOW... that you have your face regimen intact and your Christmas Cards under wraps....

I would like to take up funds to buy my FAVORITE dress from the MJ Platinum release that went on last night...

I'm new to MJ, but have quickly fell in love with their clothing and most importantly- what they stand for, and this was my first experience watching the Platinum collection go down...

It's no joke.

People grab these babies up like hot cakes... but thank goodness they did not offer the Fairy Garden Dress in Hylan's little size or I might be having to sell a limb.

Another FAVORITE...

this giggle on Monday's lunch date with daddy.

This was a FAVORITE time this week...
Some of the girls and I started a study on Hebrews. Lisa Harper is so funny, but somehow you learn a lot too!

I soooo need this time!
Wednesday nights were not working for us... as Hylan gets sleepy and wants to see her people in the evening... OR ELSE. I hate to miss that opportunity to have uninterrupted time to study, and apparently many of my friends were in the same boat (who have little ones too!)
So the First Baptist Church here in town offered childcare and the facilities for us to gather at 10 o'clock every Tuesday!
I'm so thankful!
I have a feeling this group will only grow... and I can't wait to see what I learn and how us girlfriends grow in our faith!

A  FAVORITE on Thursday was a playdate with Jack and his momma.
Look at Jack's hair! HA!
Burke had so much fun. I hope we can get these two together more often.

This girl's FAVORITE thing to do at the park is swing!

And because I absolutely LOVED Andrea's idea over at Momfessionals...

We started our own Thanksgiving tree mid November. (Better late than never, right?!)

I can honestly say this is a tradition that is without a doubt sticking.
Burke and I hunted down the PERFECT tree branch (because we had about a billion to choose from in our yard at the time), he helped me cut string, hole punch, and cut out our "leaves." The tree is the first thing he runs to every morning, where he also makes sure Daddy and I participate. :)
It's so wonderful to see and hear him recognize his many blessings! So far, we've got everything from God to Mickey Mouse hanging from our branches. :)

And just this morning... we visited our new FAVORITE coffee shop here in town!
Move over Starbucks!

(To add to the fact that I caught Mandy at her best moment... she had the idea I add a sombrero... well, I think she is tierra worthy. ;)
haha... Please don't kill me, Mandy!
Just two girls drinking lattes :)

Have a great weekend!

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