Wednesday, September 2, 2015


This boy is 3 1/2 today!

 And you know what makes your morning when your 3 1/2?

Candles and sprinkles.

Day made.

(I'm actually contemplating starting every day like this... it made getting him going this morning MUCH easier. haha)

(My sad attempt at 1/2 a birthday candle)

At 3.5 he's a mixture of sweet and stinker. :)

He will melt your heart with "I love you, momma" and then the next climb on your neck trying to choke you out.

I love being a momma to this boy.

He started soccer yesterday. :)

And he decided this was the way he was going to kick all during practice...


He loves a good messy time...
This was at our church's shaving cream party. 

He's a wonderful big brother. 
Hylan LOVES to play, roll around, or just watch him, and for the most part he is great with her.
Of course there are moments when he wants me to hold him too (mostly when I'm nursing which is really convenient) or takes "his" toys away from her. 

He's in love with bounce houses and anything that warrants crazy fun (who isn't???) but is also not afraid of much (which is sometimes terrifying!). He did the trapeze/balancing area (where you have to wear a helmet!) while we were here. What?!?!

This was at Let's Play last week with some friends!

And still can rock a John John (my days are numbered here :()

He just started in our church cherub choir and I love catching him singing sweet praises he's learned recently both at school and on his Wednesday night practices. He is not afraid of crowds or being in front of people. I hope that sticks. 

It was wonderful hearing the sweet cherub choir's debut performance last Sunday! Our children's music minister did a wonderful job!

And some other tidbits I need to throw in at 3.5...

- Talks all the time. Specifically about when Cade is going to be coming to spend the night again, 
- Has a major sweet tooth. (He's mine for sure.)
-Loves working with daddy... tools are his favorite.
- He also loves tying things together using anything he can find... a rope, a streamer, a hose...
- There is also a love of piling every toy that will possibly fit into the latest Amazon box that is delivered to our door... or a shoe box... I take it you are tying to figure out the equation for volume. ;)
- Has a great memory... he'll hold you to what you say! (There's no forgetting that sucker you promised two weeks ago!)
- The latest fascination in the T.V. department has moved to Paw Patrol and Octonauts.
-K-3 is going great. He's gotten good behavior reports and seems to be enjoying himself.
-LOVES games. He will play a board game with me at least twice a day.
-His favorite word currently is (brace yourself): Poot... that's right. We've talked many times about when it is and is not appropriate to add this to the end of every sentence (home versus ANYWHERE else.haha)
-No potty accidents that I can remember. (He loves to go outside and will get off the potty if you help him up... ONLY to get back on by himself.) Mr. Independent much?

Happy 3.5 Burke!

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