Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We celebrated our sixth anniversary this past weekend! 
We all went to Cullman this weekend for Billy's retirement party. (And man was it nice to cut that drive time in half!)

Ree and Papa kept Burke while Ryan and I went to the movies... and celebrated in true Coleman form by watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. 
Romantic, eh?

NOTHING else of interest was showing at the theatre, and after watching the trailer of the movie... it didn't look as bad as I had predicted. So you know as soon as I mentioned it to Ryan, he was ALL about it.

I asked Ryan to stop at the Dollar Store so I could pick up five a box of candy. Of course he BEGGED me to to just buy them in the theatre... you would have thought I was making him use a coupon at a drive-through window or something (which he loathes). But after he paid 20 bucks for just a popcorn and coke he decided I then I permission to bring in a cooler next time. :)

Anyway, the movie was fantastic, and it was so nice to go on a much needed date night! Our anniversary's used to consist of a vacation to a designation that neither of us had been before... but that was pre baby. Now, our budget and time are needed quite a bit more... and I don't mind at all. Once day we'll get those travel-the-world vacations back, right?

Sunday we spent the day celebrating Billy's retirement!

Somehow Burke convinced this sweet lady to let him help "clean up"... a.k.a. Let me take up 10 minutes of your time while you tote me around to all the candles and let me blow them out.

I know he will be missed as superintendent for Cullman County. I don't know many people that live out their servanthood in Christ like him. He is Always helping. Always humble. Always looking out for the best in others. He's made an amazing mark on education, and most importantly, the people that have ever interacted with him. 
However Burke is terribly excited that he will be getting more golf cart rides at the lake as a result of his retirement. :)

Monday we headed back, and made a pit stop at the McWane Center. It was a blast... blog posts to come on the fun outings lately... and soon and very soon- updates on the house!

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