Monday, February 10, 2014

Bulging Biceps

I learned a couple things this weekend.

1. There's a new workout in town... it's called "Paint da Ceiling." (I actually hear my arm and shoulder muscles screaming.)

2. The radio is not meant to be listened to longer than a period of two hours. If you happen to sing "Say Something"  in our presence...we just can't be friends.

3. You can get a whole lot accomplished, and rest easy, knowing your toddler is not playing in a construction zone. He was being spoiled rotten with the grands... (thanks Nana and PawPaw)

4. I will be washing paint off me for days to come.

5. The fun jobs don't come first, second, or third. I only got to use white paint... boo... hiss.

Even though it was just the two of us working this weekend, we made a lot of progress.

Here's what we tackled:

I started Friday night, lining the drawers and cabinets with this liner from Ikea.

 I loved it in our last kitchen.  The only downfall is that it takes it awhile to "relax" because it's been rolled up so tightly forever how long it's been in that warehouse. All you have to do is measure, cut, and install/put paint cans along the edges so it doesn't roll up on you. I bought five rolls, and need about five more to finish the job... I think. There's a lot of cabinet storage in here! Yippee!

It took me about 3 hours to install the five rolls.

The next morning, Ryan had to go to the farm to pick up some materials he needed to work on the projects... I cleaned closets. When he returned, he made a trip to Home Depot to get materials to put up the drywall in these areas where the heaters once were...

He came back with everything but the drywall. :) You know why? Because sheets of that stuff are never going to make it into a Prius. :) (noted.)
So he prepped them, and got them completely ready for that step. Thankfully he knew his dad was coming by with his truck later that evening, and they could go pick them up that night!

While Ryan was working on the holes in our walls...painting began! I started with the closets. Ryan laughed at me.

I know, I know.... when there is ALL this to do ...

I paint closets. Details matter people. Plus, do I really think that I will take out all of the "stuff" from those closets, and paint them once we move in? That's a big negative.


All of the shelving came out, was wiped down, laid outside, and I rolled two coats of Pure White paint and primer in one, to both sides (leaving the edges unpainted because they will not be seen.)

 (Sorry, this was taken through a screen)
You can also see Ryan's skill sawing going on.

What did I do while waiting on paint dry?
The inside of two of the closets were painted, except for the kitchen pantry, I'm going to paint the walls a pretty light turquoise color (with the shelves being white)... this will make me happy when I reach in to get a can of Cream of Chicken soup. :) However, the ceiling in that small space was painted.

After Ryan finished his prep work for the drywall, he began working on our T.V. mount. He soon came to realize it wasn't going to be easy when he drilled into the (what we thought was drywall), and it turned out to be plaster... So he came to the conclusion that he was going to have to build another wall in order to run the wiring and mount the T.V. So after all the measuring, nailing, attic adventuring, running wire... it looked like this.

Sunday, we did more of the same. I continued with the ceilings, and Ryan mudded the drywall. I finished painting all the ceilings in the WHOLE house (except our bedroom because it's holding lots of "stuff")! Two coats too! If you notice my bulging biceps the next time you see me, know that it's a result from my own home renovation workout.

Next on the list?
1. Sand drywall, and mud for the second time.
2. Paint Burke's room
3. Paint bathroom
4. Restore kitchen table and chairs.
5. Move the remaining stuff out to prepare for flooring!

It's coming right along!

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