Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whistle while you work

I'm so excited. We are going to work at Gege's this weekend!

However, I've already started to go into a slight panic mode.... because guess where I am determined to have Burke's 2nd birthday?

That's right...

Green trim and all.

That will probably not be on the hit list before March 2nd, but the green shag carpet and wall paper will be.

I really don't know what I'm thinking, but my reasons are obvious. If we have a goal to work towards, it will more likely be accomplished in a respectable time frame. Plus, it will be heart warming to ring in our new home with such a happy event! 

I may regret it. I may have a few break downs. But it will all be worth it. (Or so I'm telling myself.) I've already been staying up way to late pinning ideas for Burke's little boy bedroom, the kitchen, birthday ideas... the list could go on. I'm just so thankful we will have a wonderful home to live in, where I'll get to continue to stay at home with Burke, and we will be closer to family. God is so good.

 I plan to start right here this weekend. Since it's the place that seems to call my name. 
I'm overly excited about it. I know. 
But it's going to be SUCH a great transformation... I just know it!

I see visions of...

Doing this. Promise.

Going for the clean and crisp retro look. I also my be a little infatuated with the colors red and turquoise together. (Did you SEE my son's birthday party last year?) I'm not sure that I'll get past a thorough cleaning of the kitchen, but if I do, the maroon stenciled wall and cute retro table and chairs are first on my list to be hit with some color!

I think Gege will be proud. 

Have a great rest of the week!

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  1. I'm imagining hard wood floors buried beneath the green shag carpet. And how about that fireplace!? I dream of having a fireplace (or multiple for that matter). I know that you are going to make the place look great!