Thursday, January 2, 2014

More Christmas memories....

Of course I thought of more things I want to remember about this Christmas.... what mom doesn't have a million they wish to record?

He is doing this with the majority of books we read often, but it did surprise me that he could fill in some words for these two since we had only been reading them for a week. 

And his response to Santa this year? Well his facial expression in this picture tells all. 

I'll tolerate you. :)

He would ask for him every time I told him we were going to the mall. He started with a simple high five for the white bearded man, and eventually worked his way into his lap by the second or third week of December. (This may have something to do with Santa always giving him a coloring book or a Minon paper hat.) 

He would also call Santa by saying "See ta, See ta, HO HO HO!" Thanks to the one episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that he had has to watch at least once a day. :)
Sweet memories. :) 

Now, we are off to Pasadena to see our Tigers play! Prayers of safe travels for us and all the fans and players. We hope to bring back news of another National Championship and maybe a few hundred in casino winnings. ;) 
War Eagle! 

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