Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This time of year is so busy! There is no way to record it all, but here are a few highlights!

So this year traditions started... (because lets face it... he doesn't even remember last year (nor will he likely remember this year either). 

Christmas Eve present- pj's, popcorn, hot cocoa, book, sippy cup, and a movie to enjoy that night!

 Gingerbread house decorating. This was intended to be a nativity, but when I saw the whole kit for $6.00 at Micheals, which would not entail dying shredded coconut yellow to look like hay, I said "yes, please." There is always next year for the nativity, right? 

He would only put on the peppermints, and would eat the other candy if he got his hands on it.
And yes, it you look closely at the roof, you will see 34-28 Kick 6...That's my husband. :)

We spread reindeer food all over our backyard the apartment's lawn, put out our cookies and milk for Santa... and were off to bed. Or so you would think. While I was cleaning up for the night, I look up and see this.

The little turkey had gotten into Santa's cookies! That made three for the night.

He didn't go to bed until 11:00pm due to all the sugar running through his little veins.  lol (I wasn't laughing then though!)

Christmas morning! (Dec. 23rd at our house)
We woke Burke up at 5:30am. Who does that? Well, parents who want daddy to get to leave work early so we can get a head start on traffic that afternoon!
Yeah... he was somewhat out of it, but quickly warmed up.

That night, we drove to Cullman, and had the most wonderful time with family!
We went to their Christmas Eve service, and yet again, put out cookies and milk for Santa (confusing our child? Maybe.)

(Christmas Eve pajama pictures!)

These two make my heart happy!

Hudson was sound asleep. He will be right in with them next year, I'm sure of it!

Christmas Morning... after reading the Christmas Story...

Cade in his camo.

Burke sporting his leather boots.

Sweet cousins!

Next, we headed to mom and dad's house.
 Magan sure is going to be a great addition to the family. Burke loves that she enjoys Lego's as much as he does. :)

The cute couple!

And, this... is just funny.
Take 1.

Take 2.

 Ahhh... finally, Take 3 is the keeper. 

And yes, my boy got a kitchen! I figure this will help keep him out of my pots and pans! (Plus, it will beautifully accent Gege's kitchen space.) 

 That night we listened and sang along to Christmas tunes provided by Shanda. She is oh, so talented!

Followed by the game "Logo's," which the guys won... this time. It was a blast.

The next night was Christmas at the Bartlett's! It is always so much fun, and so special to spend time with family that I grew up close to and love so much... even if a few of them are bama fans. ;)

Last year we all dressed in tacky sweaters... well, half of us forgot, and well, some didn't...
 Burke loves Cayden! (P.s. My son is shirtless because it is about 85 degrees in my grandparents house.)

Oh, and we always play dirty santa...
Dad's got just what he wanted.

As for us, Ryan walked away with gave away pickled bologna... and I a Poker set. Maybe it will come in handy in Vegas? As for the pickled bologna... we shared with fellow fans of the delicacy. 

Awwww... and Tyler's sweet girl friend came away with a classic childhood picture of him. :)
I love that we all love to laugh. 

Some noteworthy Burke moments...
*By the second time unwrapping gifts he began saying "open dat, open dat!" Wanting to not just unwrap it... but to open the entire present out of it's plastic, cardboard, etc.

* Saying "Santa eat"... for about a week at bedtime after lying out cookies and milk for Santa on the 23rd :) I'm not sure he wanted to give Santa and his reindeer cookies, or if he wants to eat them for himself. :)

What fun this Christmas was! Last year, it was special because it was Burke's first, but this year was so much fun! I loved seeing him tear the paper on the packages himself, playing with family and friends, and the excitement on his face. God is so good to let us experience precious moments like these. How blessed we are!

Merry Christmas and Have a wonderful 2014!

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