Thursday, December 19, 2013

A wedding and a baby

I'm just sure this is a movie title...

What a wonderfully crazy, amazing, blessed, and hectic weekend! Our plans for the weekend were to leave Atlanta at noon, giving us plenty of time to drive to Cullman for Ryan to get his tux fitted, Burke a haircut, and to be at Stacy and William's rehearsal dinner by 6:00pm. Boy did that change!

 Danielle was put in the hospital Friday morning to be induced to have Hudson that day (Thursday actually, but that turned out to be a false alarm)! Ryan had been at work for 10 minutes on Friday when we found out, but we decided that if we were to see that sweet baby before we started Stacy's wedding weekend we had to get moving ... quick! We got there just in time for Burke and Cade to get some quality hospital playtime in, and see the next Coleman boy be born!

Hudson Nix Coleman
7.2lbs and 20 inches long
Born at 12:06pm

What a doll!

Next, we headed to Cullman for the wedding festivities! 
And a wedding it was.... picture perfection. It was one of the most touching worship services I have ever been a part of. 

Burke and Cade did a great job riding in on their convertible power wheel car (yes, that's right... it's hilarious) .... video to come.

And do you know what being in a wedding means? No way to carry around my big ole' camera. :( So I will have to post pictures once Stacy gets them in from her photographer, because this is all I have! She was breathtaking! 

And I apologize for not posting sooner, as important events such as these deserve IMMEDIATE attention, but as soon as we got home on Sunday I began feeling awful... I had the whole nine yards.... fever, chills, achy, sore throat, stuffy head, runny nose, etc. I thought I had the flu. Turns out I didn't, because Tuesday morning I woke feeling much better! All that's left is a stuffy nose/sinus problems, praise The Lord. And then I didn't post on Wednesday because I thought I had a chance of winning the lottery. Ryan and I will only buy a ticket when the pot gets REALLY big (who wants just 20 million?).   I bought ours this time... or so it seemed. I happened to find two more tickets lying around later that day. When I asked Ryan about it he said, "I didn't tell you I bought tickets too because I wanted to surprise you if I won."

As if winning 500+ million wouldn't be enough to surprise me. Oh... but one of the winners was in Atlanta... Buckhead to be exact. That will be as close as we ever get, I'm sure of it... especially if we turn our nose to 20 million.

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