Friday, November 22, 2013

Ramblings... and a miracle.

So yesterday Burke and I did some major errands. I was pooped afterwards. I'm sorry, but I counted it as a workout. 

The highlights of the trip involve pulling a very content toddler away from an apparently VERY amusing train track in Pottery Barn Kids... followed by...

getting my feet tangled in our stupid umbrella stroller and basically busting it in front of everyone in Pottery Barn Kids... followed by...

looking up to see who saw this incident (everybody), and the first person I see just started shaking their head back and forth... with no smile may I add. What kind of sympathy is that?!

Then I was called "old school" by a make-up artist in Sephora in reference to the brush I used to apply my make-up. Good news is, the method she recommended is quite wonderful.

Things took a step up from there. 

Burke saw Santa! He was very shy, but Santa was super sweet, like they should all be, and by the end of our little visit he was giving him high fives.

He got to go up and down various escalators (his heaven) at least eight times.

Burke had Sprite to drink with his lunch... (mom of the year forgot his sippy cup in the car), and I was not about to lug Burke, our tippy stroller (never bringing that shopping again!), and our shopping bags back to the deli counter to get him a water. 

And the real reason for posting...

The Miracle in Jordan Hare happened right in front of us.

Have a said War Eagle yet? War Eagle!

It took this long since Saturday to post because it was so shocking, and if it was up to Ryan he wouldn't be able to type because he is still in the lap of the guy next to him. Apparently since Burke took it upon himself to fall asleep at the very end of the game, Ryan decided jumping into the arms of a stranger was a better option. :)
One more game in Jordan Hare, better believe we will be there (unless Danielle goes into labor) (Please hold off Hudson... we do not need another miracle in Jordan Hare.)... 
beat. bama.

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