Monday, September 16, 2013

"house" less!

We have officially sold the house, moved into an apt., and moving along with life!

I just kept praying that a tree limb wouldn't come crashing down our roof, or I would accidentally start a house fire, or some other crazy mishap would occur before last Thursday. (Anxious much?)

It didn't. (Thank you Lord.) And the cute couple that bought our house are so sweet. It made me feel good to see that they loved what we had done with the house and would enjoy the neighborhood as much as we had... they even were excited when we told them of "Little Boy," the neighborhood cat, that would come by and greet them throughout the day.

While it definitely feels like we pushed rewind in life (i.e. hearing your neighbors stampede across your ceiling at 11:00pm, using a fob to enter your residence, and trying to fit all of your serving pieces in an Oh so small kitchen), I know we ARE indeed moving in the right direction.

So, while we are technically without a house, we have an earthly home.... in my book, that would be where ever these two are.

So while we adjust to our new living arrangements, we will be planning out another. Take a look at this new project!

This is GeGe's home. It has GREAT bones. Call me crazy, but I'm ubber exciting about the kitchen. Think retro! 
I want to keep the mustard yellow counter tops, the metal cabinets, and the table and chairs... with a little updating, this is going to be awesome!
I look forward to sharing the "flip" with you!

Oh... and what is a post without this cutie?

For some reason he goes up onto his tip toes when you sing War Eagle?! I promise I didn't teach him this! Is it innate? Did all those years of twirling and marching with the band somehow reach him? :)

Caught him doing "This little piggy" to himself... until he realized I was videoing and demanded to see the "dooone" (phone) to see "Ade" (Cade).

Watermelon :) You could eat him up, couldn't you?!

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