Sunday, June 9, 2013

The festival and my guardian angel

Ahhh... I drank a Diet Coke at dinner.

It's now 12:30 am., and I'm not tired AT ALL.

So glad it's summer, and Burke and I have no plans tomorrow!

This past weekend was a lot of fun... well for Burke and I. Poor Ryan was working on the house ALL WEEKEND long.

Saturday, I woke up, fixed everyone a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit (minus the egg for Burke... we wonder if he is even our child sometimes, because as legend has it-Ryan downed a dozen eggs at a time as a small child). Then Ryan started on the porch, that once was rotting, but now looks like this! More details to come on the house soon!

Burke and I headed for a nice walk to the Peachtree Hills Arts Festival. He ended up taking his midmorning nap in the stroller while I looked at the arts and crafts. People are so stinkin talented! And then I wonder... if I could make some money doing something like that... you know... smashing bottle caps and putting them together to make signs, animals, or American flags. Or putting dots on a canvas to resemble various images.... hmmm, anyway, when Burke woke up, we grabbed some free hotdogs at the festival and headed home to show daddy our loot (which consisted of a hotdog for him, a free bandana, coupons, and free organic fruit squeezes). That's right, didn't spend a penny. I'm already cheap, but I've got to take it up another level (we'll get to that later).

After Burke had some more lunch we headed to Phipps to meet Cam the Man. Newt-Newt (as Cade liked to call him... it obviously stuck with the family) was going to be at Belk promoting his new clothing line. I THOUGHT getting there 30 min. early would be a great idea. Turns out, I underestimated the amount of Auburn fans and other Cam admirers that would come out. They had it roped off AROUND the mens department and outside the door. A man came around counting heads to get an estimate on how many people there were, and we were #275 in line...


Just lovely.

I looked at Burke.... He looked at me. I knew he would thank me one day. The question was... could I actually stay in line for possibly a VERY LONG time with a toddler and no one to help me (yes, now we are walking! Will post a video soon!)... and right in the middle of nap time?

The answer was no. Until I saw her... a lady two people in front of me. She also had a toddler. He was slightly bigger... and had Nike shocks on (which means he was toddling more that my son, whose mother may or may not have forgotten his shoes :/), and she didn't have a stroller, a diaper bag... not even a purse. Where is the sippy cup? No snack? Where are the toys?

I was in awe... and then I went into competition mode.

If this woman, can do it without all the bells and whistles, by golly- so can I!

So we waited for 45 min. and DID NOT MOVE. You know why? Because Newt Newt was 45 min. late... but we did get to see his grand entrance (envision Cam on a descending escalator with bodyguards... movie material people). By this time, I had given Burke his free fruit snack from the festival, Cheerios, the toys and books had all gotten boring, and I was now relying on my cell phone and the Giggle Gang app. I was beginning to sweat. I thought about leaving... but guess who was still there... Nike shocks and his mom.

I couldn't do it.

Oh, but then guess what began to transpire... Nike shocks boy began to cry! Maybe this was it. We hadn't even moved and I was ready to call it quits. Forge #2's signature on the items that I brought and call it a day.

But she didn't leave.

Instead, Nike shocks began to look at Burke and call out "Nack, Nack"... he wanted a Cheerio. How could I NOT give him some food (the poor boy was probably starving because his mother hadn't brought him anything to eat... or so I told myself.) All kidding aside, I really sympathize with any parent or adult when their child has a come-apart in a public place. 1) Because my child has done it, and it is very embarrassing 2) Because you know a lot of other people around you don't understand or don't have the patience for it.

So, yes, we shared.  :)

And then my child began to have the come-apart. Joy.

Amazingly enough, God sent an angel from Albany, GA to be in line behind me. She told me her name, but I forgot it in all the madness. She went to Auburn, and her, her husband, and 26 year old son came to the event today just so she could get a picture with Cam.... and act as my nanny for three hours.   :)

She told me she would push the stroller with my 10 lbs of baby supplies along, while I let my shoeless son walk around. Let me tell you, that was heaven sent.
Because about that time, two other little girls that were 7 and 4 thought Burke had hung the moon, and they began playing and giggling with each other around the clothes racks (kind of reminded me of playing in them myself as a child). But guess who was still in mommy's arms? Yeah, that's right Nike shocks. That woman was made of steel I tell you.

Two hours later, we reached our destination. And would you know they cut off the line only four people behind us?! I couldn't even look at those people in the eye. I felt awful for them. If that had happened to us, well... I guess I would have to laugh... but later... much much later...

Anyway, almost three hours had passed, and now looking like a ragamuffin, we got the 20... wait, maybe the 15 sec. of Cam time we had been waiting for.

And it was all worth it.

War Eagle.

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