Friday, June 28, 2013

Burke's first beach scene- part one

Burke's first beach trip was a success! 

All the swim lessons and water therapy paid off! :) 

We left last Friday, not for the beach, but for the lake! You see, Ree and Papa's reservations weren't until Saturday. And it would no longer be me begging for a gas station pee break, instead we realized we would be stopping for a screaming toddler if we left for the 6 hour drive during the day. Instead, we decided to use his consistent sleeping habits to our advantage!

We left Atlanta around 7:00pm, and Burke slept the whole 3 hour drive. The next morning we took our time getting ready and forced B to stay awake (past his usually morning nap time in order to make him take only ONE LONG NAP for the ride)... and we met Wesley, Danielle, and Cade to lead the caravan the rest of the way to Perdido, AL. Thankfully our plan worked, and Burke slept for the next 2.5 hours when it was time to stop for lunch (at the infamous BK- where the chicken nuggets, french fries, and playground make every child a little happier).

And guess what?! Ree and Papa VOLUNTEERED to drive these sweet babes the rest of the way to the beach (while mom and dad belted out many a tune on the 90's Pandora station)! Apparently in the other vehicle many War Eagle's were sang, books were read, and oatmeal cream pies were eaten. :)

Once we arrived, we unpacked our cars (we brought everything but the kitchen sink apparently), and headed to the beach to give Burke his first gaze of the salty sea.

Then it was dinner at a place we didn't intend on going, but it was so good (they had great sweat tea, and if you have great sweet tea, the food is just a bonus.) We chose no wait over the crowded restaurant... it was a GREAT choice.

The next day we spent the morning on the beach, lunch in the hotel room, and the afternoon at the pool.

It rained that night, so we ordered a pizza and went to the hotel arcade. :)

The next day was more of the same!

Doesn't Burke look super adorable in his straw hat and sunglasses? I could eat him with a spoon I tell you.

That night we went to Tacky Jacks for dinner (Burke was quite a handful at dinner... seesh), and then we all went to The Race Track so Cade could have his first experience with a go-cart.

He had a blast! It was so fun to see the excitement on his face.

Burke even got to ride a few things and play a few games at The Track!

(Cade... with great technique...)

(Burke, checking out the approximate distance in feet, and converting it into baby hand lengths... all mental math)

Wind up... and THROW! (He decides to throw his calculations to the wind and give it all his strength.)

He loves all things that have a steering wheel.

Last but not least for the night, was a carousel ride for the wee lad. There was only one other child/parent duo on the ride (because no other sane person would still have their one year old to a park at 10:30pm). The teenager who was running the ride, got his kicks out of starting the carousel when I wasn't holding on-which led to me almost busting it... which I really don't resent him for... because when else does he get to have fun working the mini carousel at The Race Track. 

Anyway, back to the ride, Burke LOVED it. He would wave like crazy and try to look around to see when the family was visible again. It was sooo stinking cute. I wish I had a better video, but you can hear the excitement in every ones voice when Burke would start to wave.

That night we slept hard, and woke at 5:30am- thanks B.

Once we regained consciousness from the early wake up call, we headed to tell the beach adios and spend a little time at the pool.

After the car was packed back up (Not sure how Billy and Ryan managed to get it all back in), we had time for one last treat before hitting the road. The boy apparently loves Blue Bell Cookies and Cream.

We again played around with his sleep schedule so that we could get by with only having him awake for part of the ride. We knew this time would be much tougher, since we had to drive the whole distance in one shot, and no one to pawn him off to. :)

Thankfully he slept for three straight hours, woke to eat dinner at Captain D's (yes, we had fake fish upon returning from the coast). Burke loved their green beans, french fries, and foe fish. :) We got back on the road, and he played, cried, laughed, and whined for about an hour before he was off to lala land once again... this time-for the night.

It was a GREAT time, but it's always a great time when I'm with people I love, and when I get to watch Burke experience life's simple pleasures.

Thanks Ree and Papa for the great vacation!

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