Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ready or not

Well... I knew this day would come, but so fast?

I have decided I have "time" figured out. There's no scientific equation, and it's not in any text book. Time goes the fastest when you SAVOR every moment of it. Trying to hold on to the moment that just happened... no now... no no... RIGHT NOW. See?! You can't keep up. It just keeps passing you by.

Think about it. When you were in middle school, and you went through that awkward stage, did it seem to speed by? NO. When you were writing all those papers for college, did you think, "Man, I want to write that again?!" NO. But think about the time your team defeated a rival opponent, or your wedding day, or the times you have spent doing something you absolutely adored... like having the privilege to spend time with your precious gift from above.

My first day back at school is tomorrow, and on Burke's 5 month birthday! Needless to say, I am dreading it. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my job. Teaching is my passion. Whether it be education, baton twirling, etc. I love the feeling of teaching others, seeing them have the "ah-ha!" moment, and continue to strive for something even harder, better, and more empowering.

I am so so blessed to have spent these 5 months (minus the two weeks I HAD to return to school) at home with Burke. I really KNOW him. It's funny. When you have a baby, you know it's God's little miracle for you to care for and help mold, but what you don't know is WHO they are! It's another person. A HUMAN... who you have never met. I think that's why ~Jeremiah 1:5~ Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart," is so amazing. God knew Burke before I did!... and now, He is giving us the gift of "knowing" Burke. Oh... and what a joy it has been, and continues to be... 

I know the "FEED ME WOMAN" cry, from the "I NEED to see your face" cry, from the "I have a present for you in the form of poo" cry, to "OUCH! I'm in pain" cry.

I can tell when he is laughing, because I'm really funny... and when he's laughing because he's just in a silly mood...

I know I'm going to miss him waking me up everyday around 7:00am with his sweet cooing and babbling. Instead, it's going to be replaced by an alarm clock! Ugh!
But I know, all good things must come to an end, and man... we're these 5 months good. Beyond good. AMAZING.

When I look around, it "seems" like I'm ready to start back to school. (packed book bag, dust and clutter free house, clothes laying out for school the next morning, baby food made for the week and freezer full of crockpot meals (thanks pinterest)...

but I'm not. FACT.

Tomorrow's going to be it is right now as I'm typing this. My prayer is that Burke has a good day. That the time apart makes the times we are together even more special, and that I see God given opportunities to share His love, patience, forgiveness, and kindness to those I work with and especially to those young lives I get to touch.

Here goes nothin!....


  1. This made me do many things now that I'm a mom. Hope today went well!!

  2. :) I know right?! I read I'll Love You Forever with Burke just now before his afternoon nap, and boy was that a mistake! WATER WORKS!