Wednesday, June 15, 2011

whew!... what are we doing tomorrow?

Everyone has those days where you don't stop... this weekend was one of them for us! What's awesome is that it was FULL of fun and exciting happenings! Let's review.

6:00am: Ryan and I head to the dump to relieve our neighbors of the giant eye sore glaring at them from our backyard.

This pile has been growing and growing over the months... so their has been, and will continue to be more trips to the disgustingly gross, insanely smelly, and utterly appalling dump.

If you didn't know, because I didn't until this experience, you have to bring construction debris to a dump or transfer station that openly accepts this type of rubbish. Basically, once you get there, you stop so they can weigh your vehicle before you drive into the dumping grounds, unload your truck, and then drive back over the scale so they can weigh you again. They charge you by the pound! The lady working the scale let us through on Friday without paying... that saved us about $50.00, so this was definitely a GREAT start to the day! *Hopefully sweet scale lady will be working when we go again this week!
9:00am: I dumped (no pun intended) sweet husband off at the office, and I went to a super embarrassing appointment... I got a body wrap, where they advertise a tighter and toner body after the session... now before you go pointing fingers and laughing hysterically, let me explain. Me and the crazy gals I teach with decided to take Groupon up on the super discounted session... it was ridiculous, but I'm glad I did it. They basically wrap your body in a heating pad. You sweat to death, and they call you detoxed.
Ummm no.
1) I sweat more during a run. 2) I drank water and my normal chocolate binge and was back to feeling... well... non-detoxed. :) But it was kinda spa-like.

(The moron Me- wrapped like a mummy trying to take a picture of the situation using the gigantic mirrors in the room.)
10:00am: Headed to Tuesday morning to hit up the clearance sale they had Friday through Sunday. I got an awesome piece I had been eyeing for $80.00! It was originally $450.00.

They took half of the yellow sticker price!
*I will share more about my super awesome buy in a separate post!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent packing for the weekend's events and surprising my sweet friend Amy at Fado' in Buckhead! She has decided to not return to work in order to spend time at home with this sweet baby girl.

Who could blame her?! Isn't she adorable?!

It was Ryan's birthday! We slept in, and took the morning easy before taking on the day's agenda. Ryan actually want to work on the house on his birthday! What a trouper. He's been so busy with work, that anything but sitting behind a desk sounded good to him. :)
So around 11:00am Ryan demoed the kitchen while I loaded the truck with all the debris to be taken to the dumpster!
No, you are not seeing pictures from December... we are at it AGAIN! :)

At one point we had to run to Home Depot (I think to get bags for the ceiling insulation disaster you see above), and we found this sweet note on our backdoor.

This made our day! What sweet neighbors we have!!!

and boy was it delicious!

After some bumps and bruises, or stabs and scraps...

and Ryan assuring me that I didn't have tetanus, we realized we didn't have time to take the large load to the dump, instead we had to get showered and head to Birmingham, Alabama for my friend Dana's wedding!

Just gorgeous.

Baton partners in crime from left to right: Julie, me, Morgan, Dana, and Brit

Julie's ADORABLE little boy, Brooks.

Man, I miss this girl... I have dreams to grow old and Ryan and I to live next door to her in a nursing home... don't think I'm kidding.
She is a beautiful person, inside and out... and ALWAYS has the right comeback line. :)

After celebrating the newlyweds, we were off... to the beach! We arrived about 2:00am, and it was worth it.
(Or so I say... I didn't do the driving. :)

Lots of R&R. I didn't take many beach pics, so I will have to steal a few from Danielle and Shireen's facebook once they get them uploaded! :)
They place we stayed in was beyond awesome... I wish we could have stayed the whole week, but work and school were calling our names on Wednesday.

Next weekend... more demoing/dumping/and another wedding! Whoohoo!!!

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