Thursday, April 28, 2011

picking up

When I got home from school today, I found myself doing this...
Yep. That's all. One bag of sticks.

Where I really want to be is here.
Among the "mess,"

among people in my home town.

But all I could do was pick up sticks in my front yard. That doesn't seem right.

We, my immediate family, are so very blessed that no one was injured, that our homes were spared, and they are able to help one another. Ryan's dad, Billy, even walked away from an accident Wednesday morning, totaling their car.
Currently there is no electricity, no water, no gas, and many without food. They say it will be at least a week before electricity is even a possibility, as a result of most towers being taken out by the tornados.  

Ryan and I are planning to aide in the clean-up next weekend, May 7th. If you have anything you want to donate- clothes (any size/and gender), food, gas cans, food, toys, bottled water... ANYTHING, we would be glad to bring it and distribute it to those in need.

And more than anything, I ask that you keep those that lost loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

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