Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's too pretty to be inside!

Isn't this weather just fabulous?!

This past week was my Spring Break, hence the visit to see a friend at the beach,

 a trip to Auburn to watch majorette tryouts,
(from left to right: Megan, Lori, Hannah, me, Laura, Sara Catherine, and Britney-former AU majorettes)

and some sleeping in till 8:00!  But believe it or not, work was done around the house!

Painting the window mullions (yes, Ryan informed me of the "correct term" for the pieces of wood that hold our window panes in) was at the top of the list. I had done all the preparation prior to this, so now it was time for the paint! And boy was it time consuming. Every project starts out fun, and I start with such ambition and a positive attitude... and then about 5 hrs. in I get tired of it. Ahhh, but it was finished, and door frames were painted too!

They look so much better... but as you can see trim is still not up. I keep replaying in my mind "it's not a priority, it's not a priority"... but it's so hard to over look... so Ryan mentioned he might do the living room trim at least! yay! Cutting and putting up trim might be a good project for today... we'll see what the day brings!

Yesterday, it was beautiful outside! Ryan had a tennis match and I went for a long run. When we both got home we tackled two outdoor tasks.

My task: to clean up after the outdoor kitchen demolition, which you can read about here. After a days work... here's what I have to show for it!

This WAS where the outdoor kitchen was. Now the siding will be going up on the house!

See all that stuff??? A trip to the dump is in the near future.

Speaking of dump...

We found this little problem early last week.
Meet Ryan's Saturday task:

 Hubby noticed that when the water was running inside you would also eventually see it "running" in our yard. yep. We have a problem. a nasty one. I'll give you all the details later (a.k.a. when it is fixed).  So needless to say, Ryan spent all day Saturday trying to locate where the pipe is backed up... digging one hole after the next...

Our yard now looks like a war zone.

At least the weather was pretty!

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