Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In the mood for homemade...

and no, this has nothing to do with food. :)

Instead... with!

While browsing, I came across some of the most precious things that were homemade!

These are from Marbled Bag. I am debating which one to buy come payday...hmmm...

New-Velvet Bag--Double Straps                OR              New-Sale-Shoulder Bag-Pleated-Double Straps-Dark Blue and White

And what about these precious birds at VintageGreenLimited?
Farmhouse Chic Spring Green Garden Love Birds Set of TWO Home Decor and Cake Toppers
I wanted to put them on our mantle... cute, modern twist... Ryan gave me a bad look. So I guess it's a no. :)

And if I was dressing a little girl... I would be a frequent shopper at PishPoshGirls.
Love, Agnes Dress

Check out etsy! I know I will!

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