Saturday, March 26, 2011

Great Day of Service

Today, Ryan and I got up early to participate in Great Day of Service... it was great! Our Sunday School class, Cornerstone, worked on project 57, which was to help restore a church that was built in 1903.

We started the day with breakfast, a message, and prayer at our church. Then all groups were sent out across the city of Atlanta to serve. From soup kitchens, to habitat projects, seeing shut-ins, to visiting prisoners... How cool is it to know so many people were reaching out at the same time?
We mainly cleaned, painted, and pruned. The outdoor activities were put to a stop once it began to rain, but I think a little was accomplished outside!

We couldn't help with the pic directly above and directly below... serious stuff. They are currently raising money to get these problems fixed.

Overall, it was a great experience to work along side our friends at Peachtree United Methodist and to imagine the happy faces of the congregation at St. Paul's UMC as they attend church tomorrow!

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