Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty little things

Hi all!

So sorry I have left my handful of bloggers with the pitiful post below. I was trying to see if I could update the blog via smart phone. It worked, but the picture didn't seem load with it... I gave up easily. :) But now.... drum roll... WE HAVE INTERNET SERVICE IN OUR HOME! Yes, that's right, after 3-4 hours on the phone (1 hour of that on being put on hold, 1 hour being disconnected as a result of being put on hold, and the other 1-2 hours actually trying to fix the problem over the phone) WE HAVE SERVICE! The cable guy, whom visited our house not 1, not 2, but 3 times, got us connected with the online world. yay! We actually video chatted with family tonight! We got to see little Cade man! He even blew us kisses... sweetest boy ever... geez, we love him sooo much!

I actually would like to put all of that cable/internet frustration behind me, so enough about that...

Take a look at these pretty things!

Arn't you in love?

The soap container, that I am housing our precious Palmolive dishwashing soap in, was from Target ($7-$9 dollars, I can't remember exactly), and the button down pillow at World Market. That makes them even prettier, right?

I'll be posting again soon! (let me remind you... we have internet service! *doing a lil dance right now*)


  1. I have that soap pump too, and the pillows you bought are almost an exact replica to some of Pottery Barns. You got a great deal!

  2. I think so too!
    Jessica, you would really like those pillows... they come in really fun colors too... orange, green, etc!