Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hylan Marie takes the stage!

At the end of May, some sweet little dancer had their first dance recital!

She was well supported. :)
*YES, we took up a whole row and then some.

HM loved every second, and as soon as she got off the stage, she was asking to go back on "the big stage." 

Baby Claire even came!

Some of my sweet Tiger Eyes even supported her! I mean....

that is LOVE!

First up was ballet!
(Hands on hips kills me.)

We weren't allowed to take video of the actual performance, so here is a little snippet from dress rehearsal!

In the actual show, her little friend next to her got so upset. HM was so sweet and put her hand on her to try to make her feel better. She looked so concerned, bless it! However, she still busted some moves, in between... and it made this momma heart happy to see her empathize with her buddy.

Such a sweetheart.

Tap was up next!

Then, last but not least (and awaited by all the boy cousins in the audience-haha), was the daddy/daughter number.
They were adorable.

After the show, this girl was showered with lots of love and multiple bouquets of flowers. :)

Sweet cousins are the best!

Best picture I could get of my two~ha!

We went to lunch afterwards (THE RECITAL WAS SOOOO LONG, among other things....) so it was almost counted as dinner!

We dined at a hot chicken place downtown that is so yummy!
Sister was still throwing down the moves. haha

When we got home, she had a few more surprises!
Ree and Papa's gift was a hit!

And then the three of us gave HM the perfect cookies made by a local baker here in town. Aren't they  adorable?!

And last, but definitely not least, Jack's sweet sister, Camilla, painted HM a little canvas to help us remember her first recital by!
I just love kids art and especially when it comes from the heart like this did!

It is safe to say, we love it.

Experiencing all these fun, girly things with this one is priceless to me. To see her light up and enjoy something so much makes my heart sing! I am so grateful to be her momma, and will continue to pray the journey before her is pursued in Christ, with passion and in love!

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