Wednesday, May 2, 2018

READY for a little fun in the sun!

So, this was me yesterday....

Why do I want to wait until the day of to get my oil changed, wash the last load of laundry that has the kids PJ's in them, or try to go shopping for must need beach items? I prepare for vacation way in advance, but then procrastinate other random things! 

And then there is this...

Anyone with me? lol
I know it's because I LOVE coming back to a spic and span house, but two minutes after unloading the car when we return, it will look like a disaster area and no one will be able to tell I did one thing. hahaha
Why do we do this ladies??? 

The one errand that was worth every second, was getting matching beach nails with this girl.

She has been with me once before, and went not to long ago with Ree, while Burke and I toured his new school. She knows a treat when she gets one. :) 

I could not get enough of her sweet giggles when Mrs. Lisa would scrub her feet.

So stinking sweet!
She sat still the whole time, and was so engaged in the process. :) She specifically asked for "farkles" (Sparkles) ontop of her color and kept telling me "This is SO fun, momma!" 

(tiny finger cuteness^^^^)

Love my one-on-one girl time with this one!

Now onto some fun family time!

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