Monday, March 12, 2018

Saying goodbye, but just for now.

Ryan's grandfather (Pap Pap as the grands and great grands call him) passed Saturday morning, March 10th. Ryan has so many wonderful memories to cherish with his grandfather, and will always look back on those times with a full heart!

As we all know, it's so hard losing a grandparent that loves so big... and that's what Pap Pap specialized in... loving big.

He always greeted you with a smile and a hug. He especially loved the littles. :) 

Just like all of the sweetest great grandparents... he never got flustered or upset with the amount of noise or rough housing they were doing... he was just glad to be in their presence, and he told them. I'm not sure Burke or Hylan Marie ever left him without him making sure he had their attention, looking them in the eyes, and saying "You know... PapPap loves you." 

The world needs more of that, friends.

I'm also pretty sure that PapPap sealed the deal for me with Ryan. haha 
I remember Ryan telling me when we were dating that PapPap highly approved, and thought I would fit right into the family. Boy and I glad... The Coleman Family is one of a kind... and Pap Pap was a huge part of that. 

PapPap and his father are Burke's namesake. Pap Pap's middle name is Thomas, and his father's name was Burke. We pray that Burke carries the heart that PapPap had for God, his family, and his friends. 

Tomorrow, while we gather to celebrate his life and cry because we are going to miss him terribly,  we vow to never forget his gentle spirit. 

I'm pretty sure I'll never meet anyone as kind, and as in tune to others as he was.  

His one-liners that we promise to carry on, such as "Does a one leg duck swim in circles?" when the answer to a question would always be OF COURSE... or "Don't eat that... it's got kerosine in it." when he wanted NaNa's dessert all to himself, will make anyone smile on their worst day.

We will miss him so very much. Thankfully, through Christ, we will see each other again. Thank you Lord for the gift of eternal life with you and those that love you! We look forward to coming to His table to feast. 

xoxo, PapPap

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